Privacy Policy at Sunglass Fix


Data Privacy

The team at The Sunglass Fix does not share any customer information with any outside group nor do we store any payment details in our system. All information is securely passed to PayPal through an encrypted link for payment processing.

We only use your information to process your order and occasionally email you to ask about how your lenses are performing and with updates about our products and services and sales. Additionally we keep your information on file to facilitate easier ordering the next time you visit our website or require assistance with your orders.

Email Communication:

We do not sell email information or share it. We respect your privacy. We will however, on a rare occasion email you. For example, you will receive a request to review the products you ordered. Your honest feedback is appreciated but we understand if you are busy. We also strive to only send out one annual news letter You will not be bombarded with email from The Sunglass Fix and can unsubscribe at any time.

Opting in or out of Emails:

The Sunglass Fix allows customers that do not want any contact from us to remove themselves from our mailing list. It only takes a minute. You just login to your account, select the Join or Remove from Email List option. The link is here:  Unsubscribe

We want Happy Customers and we respect your Privacy.

** Terms and conditions can change over time so please check back

General Data Protection Regulation

The Sunglass Fix wants to be very clear about how customer data is stored, secured, and used at The Sunglass Fix.

No Financial data is stored on our website. Credit card details and PayPal information is all encrypted and passed to PayPal for processing and that information in not saved anywhere on our site beyond the transaction id given to us from PayPal to correlate the payment to an order.

Customer Data: We do store customers name, address, email and historical order information in our system. We have tight security and firewalls in place to keep your information secure and use 3rd parties to ensure this security is up to date and strong. We do not share customer information with anyone outside of our organization in a usable format. However, customer data is shared with with 3rd party platforms in an encrypted format they can not read in order for them to monitor the efficacy of our marketing efforts. Sunglass Fix may email customers from time to time. Usually we contact customers after they've ordered to ensure lenses are fitting and performing well. We may send out informational newsletters to notify customers of special offers or new products. Emails may be security loaded into Facebook for marketing purposes. Facebook will not use this data in any manner except to help us find similar customers in need of our products and services.

Cookies are also used on our site to facilitate ordering. They allow us to store items placed in shopping carts and process orders, and keep track if users are logged into our store or just visiting.

From time to time Sunglass Fix may use tools like Microsoft’s Clarity to anonymously track user movements across our site.  These tools do not track any user information.  However, the tools provide us information on how we can improve our website and make it easier for people to use. 

Customers can always unsubscribe from our newsletter. Customers can log into their account and unsubscribe. Alternatively, most email communications to customers will have a link to unsubscribe from future correspondence. Customers will still get receipts and order status information if they unsubscribe.

If a customer want's historical data removed we can change your historical orders for you. We will wipe out all information beyond the monetary and product ordered information for you so the order becomes anonymous.

Marketing Services:

We share personal data, including your email address, with advertising partners as part of our marketing services through third parties (to ensure that advertisements reach the right audience). Techniques such as encryption are used to allow your pesonal data to be matched to an existing customer database to prevent it being used for any other purpose. For moreinfromation about personal advertising and your choices, please see our Cookie Policy below.

You can find further informnation about how Google uses enhanced conversion data in this link. 

Use of Cookies:

Sunglass Fix’s website uses cookies which are small text files stored on your computer while browsing our site. Our cookies do not contain pesonal information and are geared towards making the use of our site easy for users by storing commonly searched items and providing information to our team and our tools about how customers are using our site so we can improve it. Users can deactive or restrict the use of cookies on our site in their browser settings or by using an incognito or private browsing window when using our site.  Cookes can also be deleted from your browser at anytime.   Please refer to you mobile phone user manual for instructions on restricting and removing cookies from your phone. Detailed information on the cookies used on our site and our policies can be found here. Sunglass Fix Cookie Policy