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Get the Most Safety Out Of Your Sunglasses

With all the sports and outdoor activity about to launch upon us with Spring blooming it's important to pause for a moment to reflect on just how important our vision is to our well being. Most sport’s related eye and vision injuries are preventable. By opting for the right kind of protective eyewear, it is possible to reduce one’s risk of injury.  It is extremely important for children to have protective eyewear no matter what sport they are playing. 

Sunglass lenses can definitely play a role in helping to protect eyesight. Sunglasses lenses from the top quality manufacturers, such as Oakley, Revo, Prada and Arnette, use such high tech lenses as polycarbonate sunglass lenses and polarized lenses.  Polycarbonate lenses are important as they are highly durable and absorb impact. Ray-Ban primarily use glass lenses so they aren't as safe to use for sporting activities. Polarized lenses are also highly useful as they filter out harsh light.  Once harsh light and glare is filtered out, it is possible to get a better view of the action and this, of course, means enhanced reaction time.

Keeping your sport’s glasses ready and on hand is critical in protecting your eye health. If your sunglass lenses become damaged for any reason, you don’t have to replace them. Instead, you can turn to The Sunglass Fix and we can ship you high-quality replacement lenses anywhere in the world, ready for action.

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