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How to Make Your Business More Environmentally Sustainable

What does environmental sustainability in business mean? As a sustainable business, it's a conversation we keep returning to at Sunglass Fix. While we do our best to reduce our impact where we can, we're continuously investigating how we can further reduce our footprint. 


After more than a decade, we can say that an environmental sustainability business commitment takes energy and effort. But there's great value in doing so. Why? Because you save money, customers appreciate it and you can go to bed knowing you're doing your best for the planet. 


When it comes to your office space, here are 5 easy ways to make your business more sustainable:



1) Use renewable energy

Using renewable sources of energy is one of the most important ways businesses can take on climate change. The good news is, it's been predicted that 50% of the world's energy will come from solar and wind by 2050 . Try researching some green energy providers in your area. At  Sunglass Fix, we have 25KW of solar panels on our roof, which means we produce more power than we consume. We can't wait for a bigger fully electric vehicle to come on the market as we'll charge it at our office with all the solar power we generate. 


2) Recycle

If you can't reuse something, then recycle it. You'd be surprised just how many different business materials can be recycled from your business. Cardboard, paper, aluminium, old computer parts, glass and food waste make the list. As an environmental sustainable business, we recycle almost everything possible – even the bubble wrap our customers' sunglasses are packaged in. We've worked out we produce as little waste as most households. We even recycle and filter the water in our equipment.


3) Transition to a sustainable supply chain

Have you ever looked into the green credentials of your suppliers? Start by monitoring your suppliers' environmental performance, such as the impact of their transportation on greenhouse gas emissions. You can also write up supplier guidelines to communicate your environmental values to existing or new suppliers.


4) Source responsibly

Buy your raw materials from sustainable suppliers. Build positive, lasting relationships with businesses that share the same eco-conscious values. Certified B Corporations, for example, are recognised as meeting the highest levels of social and environmental performance.


5) Become a digital native

Technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses asking themselves the questions: what is environmental sustainability in business, and how do we become more eco-conscious in our approach? Going digital is an effective way to step up your commitment. This can mean anything from becoming a paperless office (moving files onto computers or marketing online, for instance) to holding virtual meetings, which reduces the need for business trips.


The Sunglass Fix offers quality replacement sunglass lenses, which is an easy and affordable way to make sure your sunglasses last. Better for your wallet. Better for the environment. 


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