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How to Find Your Sunglass Lenses Size and Model
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Find Your Model and Size

Putting less information into the search bar is better than more. We store lens information at the model level. We don't store all the subsequent numbers which represent every frame colour and lens colour combination.

For example, Ray Ban, Prada, Persol and many others will have RB#### number of the arm. Search just for #### numbers in our lens search engine. It will usually display a few models along with a sample frame photo.

Getting the correct lens width is important. Frames generally have two numbers preceding a small square on the left arm of your sunglasses. Alternatively you can manually measure your lens width.

Many brands make the same model in many sizes. For example, the Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal sunglasses all have the model number of RB3025LM. However, they come in 3 sizes - 55mm, 58mm and 62mm wide.

Manually Measuring Lens Sizes

Measure one lens at their widest point . You measure as the crow flies, not along the curve of lens. Allow 1-2mm for the lens under the rim. Remember, most sunglasses have a writing on the inside left arms or under the nose bridge and this is far more accurate than a manual measurement.

The Industry Standard for lenses uses millimeters. You can convert inches by changing inches to decimals and multiplying by 25.4. For Example a 2 and 7/8 inch lens becomes 2.875 inches * 25.4 = 73mm.