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New Season Arnette Sunglasses - Arnette Creative Exchange System

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses for the summer season. But they can come with some limitations, especially when it comes to changing the style or look depending on your outfit or purpose. No doubt your sunglasses come as they did when you bought them, now with a paint scratch here and there after a few years of wear. Previously using sunglasses to change shake up your image meant changing sunglasses entirely.

Now Arnette is changing all that. The new Arnette Creative Exchange System, or A.C.E.S, has developed the ability to customize some of their sunglasses. These new 2012 season sunglasses allow you to change how depending on how you feel. It's so easy to change the color by slipping in the plates. Going to a party, no problem, you can change the plate to make your sunglasses look sleek. Need to hit the skatepark? Slip in a new colour to amp up the  color.

Having friends join in can change up the styles even more. This new Creative Exchange System also lets you swap style parts with your buddies – customizability and flexibility at its finest. It puts the fun back in sunglasses, not just in how you use it but in the different styles you can have with just a single pair. For the price of one pair of shades it's like having multiple pairs so you won't get tired of them so easily.

With Arnette’s Creative Exchange System, if will feel like you've got a few pairs of sunglasses with the different looks that you can customize with  the same feel and comfort, that totally fit to your head shape.

Take it that step further. Why not get some different colored lenses for different styles and uses. Silver mirrored polarized lenses for the skatepark or beach, smoke gradient for the evening when you're out on the town with your buddies.

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