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Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviator Rock!

If you have logged into Ray Ban's online sunglasses website lately, you have likely seen their cool campaign commemorating their 75th anniversary. You can see exclusive footage of Slash (wearing polarized sunglasses, of course). The company also is allowing customers to post their unique stories and pictures. It is fun to take a minute and search through this section.

When you pick up a pair of Ray Bans at the sunglasses store, you might forget exactly how much of a role this company has played in your own life. Their polarized sunglasses have appeared in many of the best films ever made including Breakfast at Tiffany's, Risky Business and The Blues Brothers!

Some of the most famous actors, musicians and even politicians have worn this iconic brand. If they are good enough for James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Bob Dylan, it's no wonder they are our most popular sunglasses to install new lenses, they're iconic and last for a long time.

We're definitely an online store that caters to Ray Ban customers. If your lenses become scratched or damaged, just pop onto our online sunglasses site and order a new pair in a jiffy. We will send out a new pair of Ray Ban lenses with totally free shipping. So if you have a damaged pair in your drawer, what better way to commemorate Ray Ban's 75th anniversary than to get your polarized sunglasses back into action?

Ty Schmidt - 18th November 2012 [Facebook Post @ The Sunglass Fix Facebook site.

""Just received my replacement Ray-Ban lenses today! They look exactly the same as the originals and were easy to install. Thanks!""

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