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Shaun White Signature Series Holbrook Sunglasses

Shaun White just won the Winter X Games once again, what a legend he is turning out to be, while wearing Oakley Holbrook sunglasses.

This model comes in three colors and each are distinctive looking and are best worn with polarized lenses. You may already own a pair of Oakley's or Arnette's, but we would really recommend these well made, reliable and versatile sunglasses. What we love the most about them is that they work great on the slopes, but you can also wear them anywhere else of course like the beaches of LA or Florida.

These polarized lenses let you see all the action with perfect clarity which, of course, means they are great for everything from driving to golfing to simply strolling down the street. Remember The Sunglass Fix is here to replace your lenses if they ever become damaged, and we can ship your new polarized lenses to wherever you may be in the world for free.

To order a new set of Holbrook lenses click on the link below:


                                                                 holbrook xl oo9417 lenses




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