Choosing a pair of sunglasses you love is implortant; because you’re going to want to wear them all the time. And let’s face it, that’s unlikely to be when you’re relaxing on the sofa.

So, here’s how to look after your favourite shades, ensuring they look great while you’re out and about – whether on the piste, at the beach, or sipping mojitos.


Cleaning Your Lenses

1. Clean Them Daily

Give your lenses a careful wipe every time you put them on. It’s the surest way to keep them looking good and performing their best. First quickly blow off any dust & dirt.

2. Lens Cloth Only

If possible, only use the microfiber cloth or pouch that they came with or the one we supply. A soft, clean cloth will also do. But don’t use paper towel or tissue...these are like sandpaper to a lens.

3. Warm Soapy Water

When the smudges are bad you can use a specialist lens solutions or spray, but we recommend warm soapy water. Washing up liquid works a treat – but check there’s no added moisturiser.


Protecting your Sunglasses

1. Use Your Case

Lenses are generally scratch resistant, they’re not scratch-proof. So, keeping them in their original case or pouch is definitely the best way to avoid damage when they aren’t on your head.

2. Up Side Down

Scratches very seldom happen to your shades while you’re wearing them. But, when you do put them down, try to ensure you place them upside down with the arms wide open.

3. Check the Screws

If your sunglasses have screws, check them with an optical screwdriver to ensure they’re tight. The arms should open easily, but shouldn’t unfold under their own weight.

And if none of the tips above are working for you, don’t throw your favourite shades away. Simply fit a pair of high quality replacement lenses from Sunglass Fix and get that brand new feeling all over again.