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Superbowl XLVII Brothers Showdown


Every single Super Bowl is intense, but this one definitely has the makings of being more intense than normal. Why will this Super Bowl be so intense? The two head coaches, Jim and John, also share the same last name, in the form of Harbaugh. That’s right they are brothers. As you can imagine, no matter how this game turns out, family gatherings will never the same again, period!

Everybody will want to have the best view of the action possible for this game.  You will need the best quality sunglass lenses that money can buy for this game. After all, you never want to miss this kind of action! Whether players and attendees opt for Arnette, Oakley, Ray-Ban or another brand, you can be sure that they will be wearing the best sunglasses lenses out there.

What I find most fascinating about this game is that you know these two coaches are going to give it everything that they have. It is one thing, after all, to lose the Super Bowl. It's quite another to lose it to your brother. While most of us wish we could have the opportunity to coach a team in the Super Bowl, for the loser this year, things could still be a little rough!

                                                                                                  fan of baltimore ravens watching superbowl xlvii



Well, one thing that is not rough is how much money you can save buying new lenses from us.  We can send you out new sunglass lenses anywhere in the world and you can repair your sunglasses yourself. You might not make a big save at the Super Bowl, but you can save some big money on sunglass lenses.




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