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Winter Games means hitting the slopes with sunglasses to block all that glare




The winter games in Sochi are the first ever for Russia and we think they have put on a pretty great show! Nothing gets a crowd going like watching amazing skills on the slopes. You can always be guaranteed of spills and thrills of any of the sports in the Winter Olympics.

The weather has been relatively kind to athletes and spectators alike and with the warm sunshine reflecting of the beautiful white snow, and snow and sunshine mean one thing, major glare! So it’s time to pull out those sunglasses. At high altitude UV rays are much stronger so it’s important to keep your eyes protected. Sunglasses and goggles can also provide good protection for your eyes from the snow and wind as you fly down the slopes.

Not only will you need to take sunglasses but you might want to consider what type of lenses you need. Rose colored lenses increase visibility on cloudy days and can improve contrast. Yellow or Orange lenses also increase visibility on cloudy days and can improve depth perception. Mirrored lenses and great for reducing brightness on sunny days and Grey lenses reduce glare and brightness. Amber or Brown lenses reduce glare and brighten your vision on cloudy or overcast days.

Many people might be saying, but hey, I love my polarized lenses. And so do we, but although they are great at reducing glare in most situations, they may have little effect on reducing glare from light rays scattered in random directions by the irregular surface of snow. You might want to test this for yourself.

So next time you head for the slopes, not only should you have the best skis and the warmest clothes, but make sure you protect your eyes with the best in sunglasses.

                                                                                Winter Games in Sochi

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