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2019 Summer Sunglass Trends - What's Hot?

Looking to upgrade your sunglasses collection this summer? Think: Big, Bold and Beautiful. The season’s hottest sunglass trends are breaking all the rules with vibrant colours, geometric shapes and classic styles with a twist.

Follow this season’s 5 most fabulous sunglass trends so you can look fresh this summer:



1) Retro chic

No doubt about it, cat’s eye shades are one of the most eye catching shapes for sunglasses so it’s no surprise they’re back on the catwalk in 2019. Take your cue from Audrey Hepburn à la 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s and create a look that says you’re all class. The cat’s eye sunglass trend is the ultimate look-at-me statement for summer 2019. They go with any outfit, suit most face shapes and look super chic. 


2) Round it out

Coachella might be over but you can keep the festival vibe alive with a cute pair of round shades this summer. Hey, why not make every weekend a rockfest as you trip down memory lane in hippie-chic round sunglasses with purple tinted lenses. Perfect for all face shapes, 2019 is the year to put circular shades on your summer wish list. Stay eco-friendly with plant-based hypoallergenic acetate frames or stick to traditional wire specs.


3) Go big!

Summer 2019 is the time to take a walk on the wild side with your eyewear and the burning questions is: how big can you go? Make a statement with larger-than-life square or octagon frames, all-in-one shield sunnies, massive D-frames and oversized aviators. This is your time to be bold and beautiful as this summer’s sunglass trend makes room for all shapes and sizes.


4) Colour me good

Size isn’t the only thing that matters… now’s your chance to get playful and add tinted lenses to the mix. Warm tones such as pink, burnt orange and red are heating up the catwalk so why not beat the designers at their own game and match tinted lenses with the same coloured frames. Pastel pink anyone? 

Sunglass Fix are a sustainable fashion business offering high quality affordable replacement lenses so if you’re still in love with last year’s sunnies but want to add pizazz, why not order some replacement tinted lenses and create a unique fashion statement. With 13 lens colours to choose from – all with 100% UV protection – you’ll be on trend at a fraction of the price!


 5) Make a statement

Statement shades never go out of fashion and this summer’s sunglass trends are all about stealing the show. Dazzle the crows with jewel-encrusted frames or go wild with animal prints and bright hues. Add a slim gold chain for a touch of librarian chic and you’ll never lose your sunglasses again. Whatever your style, this summer it’s about owning it with no apologies.



Style and Sustainability

Throw shade at the latest trend and simply perk up your old sunglasses with a fresh pair of lenses. With more than 130,000 models to choose from you’re well on track to matching a new pastel tint with your old pair of sunnies.

Join the sustainable fashion movement and visit Sunglass Fix for funky lenses you can replace at home. Don’t want to risk breaking your acrylic nails? It's usually really easy to swap your lenses, but if you send us your old pair we'll be happy to fix them for you.

Sunglass Fix produces high quality replacement sunglass lenses with a collection of more than 130,000 lenses. Simple, cost effective and environmentally sustainable. 


Get started on your new sunglass look.

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