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DIY Sunglasses Repairs


The Sunglass Fix wants our customers to keep their sunglasses working in top performance for years.

We have created a number of videos explaining how everything from how to adjust your frames, replace your lenses, and more. If there's any specific topic you would like us to share please contact us at and we'll see what we can do about adding it to our list.

Video on How To Adjust Your Frames for a Better Fit

Video on how to find your sunglass model so you can get new sunglass replacement lenses

Video on how to replace lenses in hard plastic frames like Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Video on How to Remove and Install New Sunglass Lenses in Metal Framed Sunglasses

Video on How to Install New Sunglass Lenses in Plastic Frame Sunglasses

One of our First Videos on how to install Lenses in Plastic Frame Sunglasses.

One of our Frist Videos on How to Install Lenses in Metal Framed Sunglasses such as Ray Ban Aviators.



Hinge Adjustments: Hinges should be tight enough that a gentle shake of the sunglasses while holding the lenses does not cause the arms to move. They should also be loose enough that they don't break or strain when opening and closing.
Overtime sunglass hinges wear and the screws work themselves out. Loose hinges generally imply a looser fit and higher probability the sunglasses will fall off your head or slip when you are wearing them.

To Tighten: Determine if you have phillips or standard screws. It's important to get proper screwdrivers and having a few quality screw drivers around the house will pay for themselves over time. I would spend the $10-$15 over buying the cheap ones. They don't work well and frequently strip screws.
Generally a firm grip of the sunglasses and a slight turn, about 5 degrees, is all it takes. After each turn do the shake test again until the arms don't move but they close smoothly.
Once both arms are adjusted I would suggest a coating on the screw head and screw bottom (if exposed) with clear nail polish.

Frame Adjustments: Plastic Frames can be adjusted. You should have a good idea of the adjustment you want before proceeding. If your sunglasses are too large try tightening the hinges first. This can help with a poor fit. If this doesn't work we suggest slightly bending in the arms or the nose area to bring the end of the arms closer together.

First: Trace your frames on a piece of paper so you know your starting shape. Moving the arms in about 1cm at a time is the most we would ever suggest in a single adjustment. After each adjustment you can place it back on the traced pattern to see how it's going.

To do this with Plastic frames we suggest soaking the frames in very hot tap water for 30 seconds. If bending the arms perform the bend about twice as far as you desire to the warm frame and hold it for 10 seconds. Release and put on the pattern. Repeat this until desired adjustments are made. Go slow. Better to adjust multiple time than to break or harm the frames.





Award Winning Lens Quality

Winner of Australian Customer Service Awards 3 Years in a Row

The Sunglass Fix was awarded the first ever "Three Peat" award for the highest ranking for its products and services at The Australian Customer Services Awards.This awards is granted to us based on independent customer feedback gathered by the independant organisation.

Still question our quality.  See what our customers have to say about it.

We also have many indepent reviews we've accumulated from our great customers. We hope this helps you understand that replacing the lenses in your sunglasses can be a easy, economical way to keep your sunglass performing as good, if not better than new for years to come.

Please click to visit our Facebook page, find special offerings, and read what other customers have thought about The Sunglass Fix's products and services Google reivews for the sunglass fix


Largest Selection


Largest Selection

Over 42,000 Sunglass Lens Models

The Sunglass Fix has over 67,000 sunglass lens models ready to ship on any given day.

If you can not find lenses for your frames please contact us or feel free to order Custom Made or Installed Lenses and we'll make a pair and install them for you for the same great price. We will need your frames in the lab so some minor shipping charges apply.

Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide


Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide

Lenses are Shipped Same or Next Day Anywhere in World for Free

Our Replacement lenses are shipped anywhere in the world for free. All lenses are designed and  produced from our central lab in Australia and shipped to your doorstep.

We ship lenses on the same or next business day and while shipping times vary the quality of our lenses will be well worth the wait.

Custom Made or Installed Lenses do have a minor shipping charge as your frames will need to be sent into our lab and returned to you.

More information on shipping timeframes is here.

Saving Money and Resources


Saving Money and Resources

Over 80,000 Pairs of Sunglasses Saved from Landfills

Did you know that in some cases you can save over 90% by replacing your sunglass lenses instead of buying a new pair of sunglasses?
What if you can get a higher quality lenses than your originals?  Every wished you had polarized lenses instead of regular lenses in your frames?
Well, you've found the right place. The Sunglass Fix offers premium quality replacement lenses and ships them around the world for free. Our lens Quality is incredible and installing your new replacement lenses is usually much easier than you would have ever imagined. 

Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide

Replacement Lenses are shipped anywere in the world for free. Free shipping does not include tracking but is very reliable.  Tracking is available at checkout but we feel this added feature is not necessary based on our 8 years of shipping experience.

Custom Made or Installed lens servicers do require a minor shipping charge.  We must have your frames in order to make and install your lenses.

Map of shipping timeframes around the World from The Sunglass Fix's lab in Australia


Award Winning Quality


Award Winning Quality

Upgrade your sunglasses to a better performing, scratch free lens.



Installation Service Available


Installation Service Available

The Sunglass Fix is happy to install your sunglass lenses for you.


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