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Ray Ban Justin RB4165 Sunglasses Unboxed and Explained

The Justin is one of ray-Ban’s most popular models and there are at least four versions that we are aware of. As with virtually all sunglasses, none of these versions has lenses that are interchangeable.

Ray Ban Justin Sunglasses Front View

How to Identify each Model of Ray-Ban Justin Sunglasses

The diagram below outlines how to ensure you identify the correct model and order the correct lenses.

Ray Ban Justin Frame Illustration

All Justin sunglasses are classified RB4165 and should have the word ‘JUSTIN’ on one of the arms. There is a 51mm and a 54mm size in the regular (No F) version. And there is a 54mm and a 58mm size in the F version. The lens width is usually just in front of a small square.

If in doubt, pop a lens out and measure it on a ruler in millimetres. Alternatively drop a photo of the arms and a lens to Sunglass Fix and they’ll help you get the correct lenses www.sunglassfix.com

Sunglass Fix Technical Specification & Rating

Ray Ban Justin Table

Who are Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban® was launched in 1936 as the civilian arm of Bausch and Lomb, a New York medical equipment manufacturer that collaborated on the design of Ray-Ban Aviators. Since then, Ray-Ban has become a luxury fashion brand known for its stylish designs and excellent quality lenses. In 1999, Bausch and Lomb sold Ray-Ban to Luxottica - the Italian eyewear company that owns Oakley® and many more leading eyewear brands.

The Justin Model

Inspired by Ray-Ban's iconic Wayfarer sunglasses, the Justin is a slightly different take on the original design that looks more contemporary and arguably, even cooler. A best-seller since their release, they're a beautifully versatile model—sporty, modern, and stylish – and hugely popular with the younger buyer.

What makes the Ray-Ban Justin different to the Wayfarer is the slightly larger rubber frame and the soft-cornered, rectangular lenses, which flatter most face shapes. Their unisex design also looks great on women with smaller faces who like the oversized look.

Ray-Ban describes the Justin as "bold, fun and unforgettable" - a fair description, particularly if you want to take full advantage of frame colors that range from understated black and brown through to vibrant shades of red, violet, blue, fuchsia, and turquoise. If that isn't enough, there are different lenses on offer for each of the six-frame options, and they come in two sizes.

Ray Ban Justin Sunglasses Angle View

The Justin Range

The Ray-Ban Justin range of sunglasses will appeal to you for a whole range of reasons, so it's worth checking out the Ray-Ban site and really digging into the options. You can even custom design your own if that's your thing.

If you're after a timeless look, go for the Justin Classic. Frames come in low-key colours, with seven different lens options, including polarized and prescription. Or, stand out and go totally bold with the Justin Color Mix sunglasses, opting for the mirrored lenses. Both models also come in a low bridge fit, and you'll find the elegant Justin @collection available exclusively online.

The Frames

What's great about the Ray-Ban Justin is the durable, lightweight acetate frames that give them a softer, more comfortable feel, so you can wear them for as long as you like. Made in Italy, they're produced to a very high standard, and you'll notice the premium metal hinges ensure the arms close super smoothly. If there’s one gripe about the Justin, it’s that the comfy rubberised coating on the frame can doze and flake over time. Try and keep them away from harsh chemicals and detergents and don’t leave them on the dashboard (that will get oven-hot in the sun).

The Lenses

Several different lens options are available, including polarized and prescription and striking red or blue mirrored lenses if you really want to make an impression. All lenses come with 100% UV protection, and Ray-Ban polarized lenses block 99% of reflected light. On top of that, what makes this model a good choice is that it's simple to get Justin replacement lenses, making them well worth the investment.

The Best Choice for…

What's great about the Ray-Ban Justin is that you can wear them anywhere - to work, out to dinner, to the beach. Their contemporary design will definitely turn heads. But they're practical too because the rubber finish increases their grip in warmer weather, making them great for low impact activities on hotter days.

The Wrap-up

The Ray-Ban Justin is one of Ray-Bans most successful recent releases. A modern take on the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, they're executed with style and sophistication - perfect if you're looking for high-quality, fashionable sunglasses that are comfortable all day long.

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