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Bring your old sunglasses back to life with new lenses

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses? Most of us sure do. Perhaps they’re the pair you wore that summer, or got as a treat on vacation one time. Perhaps they’re a pair that are super stylish or made by a favorite designer that are now no longer in production. Or maybe they’re a pair that make you look (or feel) like a film star?

Whatever make or brand they are, and no matter the memories that come with them, what’s certain is that there are some styles that really stand the test of time – cool and classic sunglasses, essentially. Whether your treasured shades are iconic Ray-Ban Aviators or a stylish pair of Tony Montana’s by Carrera, doesn’t matter – you’ll want to keep them, and to keep wearing them, for as long as possible. These sorts of sunnies will always be in style.

Ideally, of course, we don’t want to keep buying new pairs year on year, when we already know what we like and have spent out already on the very best frames. But, what happens when that most loved pair suffers a scratch or you damage a lens? Well, don’t throw them away – instead, simply replace your lenses and give your best sunglasses a new lease of life!

Can you get new sunglass lenses for old frames?

The answer, of course, is yes! You can easily replace lenses in old frames. As you'll know from our company story, our founder spotted three pairs of scratched sunglasses one day in a drawer. He wondered if they could be recovered somehow, and decided to look into this – and so our mission of saving these much prized possessions began!

If you've got an old pair of sunglasses yourself, you can almost definitely repair and re-wear them. If the frames are damaged and beyond reviving, then you can choose to recycle them, but the truth is that most sunglasses don't need to be thrown in the trash. They can be revived, and basically brought into being once again. Prior to our inception, most old sunglasses ended up in landfill. To this day, over 1 billion pairs of sunnies are still being thrown away every year! But, thanks to us, that doesn’t need to be the case anymore!

We provide a wide variety of replacement lenses for all top brands. Take a look at our range, there will be something suited to your frames, no matter how old they are. Reinvigorating and revitalizing those old, scratched shades is easier than you’d think!

Scratched Sunglasses

How much does it cost to replace lenses in old frames?

The cost of new lenses in old frames is of course far less than replacing the entire item. It’s really very affordable. Our prices begin as low as $33.99, a mere fraction of what that Ray-Ban Wayfarer frame would have been originally. Or maybe it’s a pair of Scarface sunglasses, making you look as cool as Al Pacino’s Tony Montana, that you’d love to have refurbished. Either way, no matter the type of sunnies you’re looking at, we provide new lenses for old frames at very affordable prices. We offer polarized lenses or non-polarized lenses, depending on your preferences. We can fix them fast and we can deliver them to your door, too. Apart from the savings you’ll make, it’s better for the planet in terms of reusing that plastic frame. The cost of new lenses in old frames is equalled by its cost to the environment, i.e. very little, really.

Taking care of your sunglasses

For longevity, we recommend you to take good care of your shades, as far as you can. We want your sunnies to remain ‘as new’ for as long as possible. So, do keep them stored in a case. Whether they’re glass, coated, polycarbonate, acetate, etc. doesn’t matter – sunglasses, as we know, scratch, so minimize the possibility of this and keep them stored safely, don’t just drop them in your bag or put them in your pocket, as cool as that might look. And, if you’re going to put them down somewhere, make sure the arms are flat against the surface - that way they’re less likely to tip onto the lenses and cause any scratches.

Keeping your lenses clean can also minimize the danger of scratching. Use warm, soapy water every now and rub gently with your fingers in order to remove dirt, grit and grime. Avoid harsh sterilizers and detergents or cloths that may contain fibers that are harmful to your new lenses. After, wipe your sunnies dry with a soft, microfiber cloth. Never use your shirt or top! And, once a year, consider taking your sunglasses for an ultrasonic cleaning session, that can also really freshen up the frame.

Some sunglass models stand the test of time…

Ray-Ban has become a word meaning ‘classic sunglasses’ these days, and with good reason. As well as the iconic Aviators, there are Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Ray-Ban Clubmaster, too. We’ve seen these sunglass models in movies and adverts across the decades. Wearing a pair of these brings to mind Tom Cruise in Top Gun, those guys in The Blues Brothers, the hitmen in Reservoir Dogs….the list goes on. When we inhabit the look, we take on a little piece of Americana and make it our own. That makes this particular brand priceless, as well as timeless, and we’ve seen female celebrities like Natalie Portman and British royal Kate Middleton sporting them, too.

Man Wearing Sunglasses

Carrera is another manufacturer that has been giving us godly good looks (or so we like to think!) for an age – over half a decade, in fact. Operating since 1956, this brand is known for its pioneering Italian design as well as exceptional quality. We’re not going to say that these are the frames of choice for gangsters and mafiosa, but it’s true to say that we’ve seen these frames adorning the faces of some of the most famous film stars playing those sorts of roles, including Robert Deniro in Goodfellas and Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface. If you want to look (and feel!) like a movie icon, and give yourself a stylish edge, then these are the classic frames for you.

Spotlight on the most iconic, classic sunglasses

Also known as the ‘Porsche Design’, Tony Montana sunglasses by Carrera are a hugely cool vintage item you might have seen on Pinterest, Instagram, or within the pages of a glossy fashion magazine, and with good reason. Consisting of a simple ‘aviator’ design, it’s the graduated lenses and white line in the top section that make these so instantly recognisable, and utterly compelling. And yes, we can provide new lenses for these fantastic frames - Carrera 5622!

Ray-Ban Aviators are the aviator design that comes to mind when we think of classic sunglasses. Originally, they were for pilots only, and were first designed in 1937 so that the US military could protect their eyes from the sun's harsh rays. Interestingly, Randolph Engineering is now the official supplier of Aviator sunglasses to the US Air Force....and we sell lenses for those too!

Now, they’re a classic design that has stood the test of time and continue to stun onlookers as well as shade eyes admirably. We stock replacement lenses for 13 Aviator brands, including this classic.

Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are the epitome of 1950s cool. The Blues Brothers made these iconic frames even more popular, and they’ve been a hit with plenty of other movies, stars, and celebrities, too. ‘Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classics’ are the name – or Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic RB2140 Black in Acetate – and it’s their square shape that makes them decidedly non-square, as well as the glossy black finish in addition.

Finally, Ray-Ban Clubmaster are the go-to sunnies of choice for the intellectual amongst you. These offbeat frames are the very essence of clever-cool, with the likes of Bruce Willis sporting them in a number of movies. Although the lenses in this case are a more unusual shape, and whether the frame is black acetate or tortoiseshell, we can replace them, no problem at all!

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