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What to look for in fishing sunglasses

When you’re out fishing, not only will you need protection from harmful UV rays, but also from wind and weather - fishing is an outdoor activity, and sunglasses can act as extra shielding for our eyes in those conditions. Light reflecting on the water can be another challenge, no matter if you’re in a river, lake, estuary, or ocean. These are all factors that make sunglasses a definite plus, as they can assist with these issues. However, there are extra elements that will make deciding which sunglasses to buy or take on that trip even more important. We’ve outlined all of the most important factors below.

polarized lenses can block this sunlight reflecting off water so you can fish better

Type of lenses

Are polarized sunglasses best for fishing?

In one word: yes, polarization can make a big difference to your vision when fishing. With ‘water, water, everywhere, as the saying goes, glare from the sun reflecting on the water’s surface can make it difficult to see and also spot fish themselves. UV light streams in and bounces off the water's reflective surface, making it incredibly difficult to fish effectively, as these light waves shoot right back at you.

The best polarized sunglasses for fishing filter out these wavelengths. You will need to make sure that the polarization level of your lenses is high - our lenses operate at 99.9% efficacy, for example - and are part of the lens, not simply a layer or coating that could be affected by harsh outdoor conditions and compromised over time. A quality pair of polarized fishing sunglasses will let you look deeper into the water and give you the best chance of making that incredible, Instagram-worthy catch. You can vastly improve your fishing trip with polarized sunglasses.

Best lens color for fishing

The best sunglass lens color for fishing really depends on where you will be when you're fishing. Light levels and glare can vary greatly depending on whether you’re in the sea or by a river, for example. Essentially, if you’re:

  • off-shore or in very bright light - black or gray lenses are best, and a blue mirror or gray mirror with a blue base can both help you navigate that blue-blue environment;
  • in-shore or in light that is changeable - amber, brown, and copper-colored lenses work well, with rose tints also being effective, and a light mirror would also be a useful addition;
  • fishing at sunrise or sunset, or in low light levels - silver mirror finishes are the best sunglass tint for fishing at these times, according to experts, although mirrored lenses are generally great for bright conditions, too, as they help light to bounce back off the sunglasses and prevent it from interfering with your vision. Care should be taken that any mirrored finish is durable and can withstand typical fishing terrains of wind, salt water, direct sunlight, and so on.

Clearly, the best lens color for fishing varies according to your needs, but if you follow the simple sunglass lens color guide for fishing outlined above you will have no trouble with your time in the water and will maximize your vision and, subsequently, your fishing ability no matter the time or terrain.

Best polarized sunglasses for fishing

The glasses you choose will depend on your style as well as your needs. Remember that, as well as combatting glare, polarized lenses also:

  • offer protection from wind, dust, sand, etc.;
  • enhance visibility through water, thus increasing your ability to fish well;
  • help you identify obstacles and obstructions, which could cause trip hazards;
  • help you spot dips and drop-offs below the water’s surface;

There are plenty of reasons to go polarized, and for serious fishermen and women, it’s a must.


Fishing sunglasses brands

Let’s take a look at some of the best makes and models out there right now. All brands offer sunglasses that are suitable for fishing, and there are certainly plenty of options to choose from.

Oakley fishing sunglasses

Some of the best Oakley fishing sunglasses include:

  • Oakley Split Shot - this is the brand’s first water-specific frame, designed to give you the coverage and protection you need out in the water. The wraparound design with side shields keeps you safe from the sun, and the arms are thin so that they can be tucked under a hat without any issue.
  • Oakley Flak 2.0 XL - again, these feature frame enhancements such as an extended lens height so as to offer greater eye protection. They are ultra-lightweight and boast Oakley’s trademark Three-Point-Fit system which will help keep the frames on your face as you cast and catch, cast and catch again.

Oakley also offers 3 main lenses in their Prizm Fishing series – Prizm Shallow Water, Deep Water, and Maritime, depending on your preferences. These are designed to help you see clearly through any depth or type of water, making them a superb choice.

Costa fishing sunglasses 

Costa specializes in sunglasses for those engaged in water activities such as sports, summer vacations, and fishing. Pick up a pair of Costa fishing sunglasses such as Blackfin, Fantail or Waterwoman. All three are designed for high-performance fishing, meaning max coverage, protection, scratch resistance, and high durability. Lenses can be added according to your needs and dependent upon the frame you choose; but bear in mind that, of all the many fishing sunglasses brands out there, this is one that emerged from the depths with the original intention of gracing the faces of fish-folk and water-lovers everywhere. It’s an expert brand to choose from.

Maui Jim fishing sunglasses

Another excellent brand to consider is Maui Jjim fishing sunglasses. Maui Jim hails from Hawaii, where sand, sea, and surf are the order of the day. No wonder they’ve created and evolved several sunglass models that are perfect for fishermen and women no matter where they’re based. Some of their best-recommended fishing sunglasses are:

  • Kanaio Coast - these polarized wraparounds are designed with adventure in mind, and feature a lightweight, injected nylon frame and handy, hidden spring hinges that won’t get in your way.
  • Makoa - another large-scale sunglass frame and lens which are practical, protective, and lightweight.

Some of the other best fishing sunglasses from this brand include Kaiwi Channel; Local Kine; Barrier Reef; and Byron Bay. The watery titles of the glasses give a good indication of the brand’s focus and expertise, we think.


Shady Rays fishing sunglasses

A further fantastic option is Shady Rays fishing sunglasses. The names of their glasses are pretty cool, too: Black Glacier; Ocean Ice; Navy Smoke; Stealth Tortoise. There’s something appealingly totemic about these names, and the sunglasses themselves are ideal for fishing, offering, in many cases, sports frames with a strong grip, durable wraparound frames, shatter resistance, and saltwater resistance. Some of their frames are hydrophobic i.e. repel water and Shady Rays polarized sunglasses are available across most design types, including this limited edition example.

Need replacement lenses for your fishing sunglasses?

It goes without saying that, even if you do purchase a limited edition frame, and happen to damage the lenses at some point, you can easily replace your sunglass lenses with us and retain your precious frame. Even utilizing the best technologies and coatings, and even with careful handling of your sunglasses, scratches happen, and are more likely if you’re outdoors and engaging in fun, physical activities such as angling or fly fishing.

Our SFx Diamond Polarized lenses offer an additional oleophobic coating on the outside and an anti-reflective coating on the inside that are perfectly complimented for your fishing sunglasses.

So, don’t feel blue, or out of your depth, when that happens - just hook into our website, and we’ll happily throw you a line. It’s simple, it’s quick, shipping is free for most countries around the globe; and (our last joke, we promise) our high precision lenses are o-fish-ally (sorry) rated by thousands of customers as excellent (an outstanding 4.7 out of 5). No matter the brand, we’re here for you when you need new lenses, including the all-important polarized option as well as mirroring - there’s absolutely nothing fishy about it.


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