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How to clean and protect sunglasses

There are some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping your sunglasses clean, clear, and in great condition. By following a few simple rules, you can help protect sunglasses, keeping them workable and wearable for a long, long time.

Read our how-to guide on everyday sunglasses care to learn all the best, and most highly recommended, tips and tricks. Quite possibly, you’ll discover that you’ve been doing things in a way that wasn’t best for you and your precious frames and lenses – but, it’s not too late to change that. Our comprehensive guide on how to clean sunglasses begins here…

Best way to clean sunglasses

We already include information on our website listing the ways in which you can best clean your sunglasses. In this post, we’ll rework these facts into a handy, how-to list that will expand these truths into something even more useful – a checklist that tells you how to clean sunglass lenses and keep them in topmost condition.

Make sure that you:
DO clean your lenses daily – it takes only a moment to wipe your lenses when you put them on, so put this tiny tip into practice and make it a helpful habit.

DO blow off any dirt, dust, granules, or grime before you perform this regular cleanse – there’s a risk that these could roll across the surface of your lenses, scratching them in the process, so make sure that any larger particles are removed.

DO make sure to wipe your lenses carefully – take your time, don’t rush, and ensure that you reach into every edge and crevice.

DO use a microfiber cloth or one that is very soft to wipe your lenses – the pouch that the sunglasses came in (or the one that we supply) will also do the job.

DON’T use paper towel or tissues, no matter how soft these might feel, for cleaning sunglasses – these are actually quite rough, with lots of abrasive fibers and, in many cases, lint, that are likely to scratch your lenses right up.

DON’T clean lenses on your trousers, shorts, or other items of clothing – these are not suitable cleaning accessories and could cause scratches.

DO use warm, soapy water on your lenses and also the frames – this is the best way to clean sunglasses, according to experts. Rub your lenses gently under lightly running water, is what we recommend.

DON’T use washing up liquid that includes moisturizer. Check the ingredients on the bottle or box to make sure, and if in any doubt, just don’t use it. Soaps or liquids that include moisturizer can give the lenses a coating that then attracts even more stubborn grease and grime.

DON’T use alcohol wipes to clean your glasses – the solvents in these will damage your frames as well as any delicate lens coatings.

DO hold your sunglasses by the temples when cleaning – make sure you use a firm grip,  too.

DO wash your hands – we have found that washing and drying your hands beforehand is best, because this reduces the possibility of you transferring oil, dirt, or grease onto your sunglasses during the handling process. However, if you’re pushed for time, at the very least make certain that your hands appear clean and are, importantly, dry.

DO use a soft bristle brush e.g. a baby’s toothbrush, to clean the nose pads and rims – dirt can accumulate here, too, but make sure when getting into these crevices that you don’t brush the lenses. You can use gentle, moisturizer-free soap and water on your frames, too.

DON’T use anything else to clean sunglasses – there’s plenty of advice online on how to wash sunglasses, but most of it, we assure you, is wrong.

Cleaning Lenses using a Microfiber cloth or case



Can you clean scratches from Sunglasses?

In short, the answer to this one is NO – you cannot effectively remove scratches from your sunglasses. We’ve written before about the many myths that exist around scratches and the homespun remedies that are recommended to remove them, from toothpaste to car wax to sandpaper (yes, sandpaper – you read that right). None – we repeat, none – of these remedies work. 

So, the best ‘fix’ in our extensive, expert opinion is simply to replace the lenses in your frames, which you can do quickly and easily with us here at Sunglass Fix. We have over 300,000 replacement sunglass lenses to choose from – and if you can’t find your make and model, then we offer a low cost bespoke custom cut service, too. Shipping is free, no matter where on the planet you’re based, and our lenses are made from the highest grade of optical polyamide – quite simply one of the toughest materials that’s made right now, but offering the exceptional, crystal clear quality of purest glass.


Ways to protect your sunglasses

Prevention is often the best remedy when it comes to keeping your sunglasses in ace condition. There are numerous steps you can take to ensure your sunglasses don’t – or are less likely – to suffer scratches or damage in the first place. Remember, too, that ‘scratch resistant’ is not exactly the same as ‘scratch-proof’ – no pair of sunglasses, anywhere in the world, is entirely immune to the possibility of damage. And so:

DO keep your sunglasses in their original case or pouch – generally, the original case is going to fit your glasses perfectly, so it’s the best place to rest them down in.

DO purchase a new pouch if yours is lost or damaged – we class this carrier as an essential sunglass item. A microfiber pouch is a must-have, as a basic, as it provides protection for your frames as well as a means of cleaning off your lenses. Again, if yours is missing, or perhaps – as with second hand sunglasses – you never had one, consider purchasing our excellent microfiber storage bag. It features a double drawstring closure to keep your sunglasses extra secure, and is large enough to fit almost any sunglass make or model.

DO put your glasses in that case or pouch whenever you’re not physically wearing them – this is another good habit to get into each and every time the pair are not actually being worn.

DO place your sunglasses carefully onto a surface by making sure that the lenses are facing upwards and not in contact with the area they are placed on, which could cause scratches.

DO take a look to see if that surface is dry and clean, too.

DO ensure that the arms of your sunglasses are wide open when you put them down – this will make the pair as stable as possible.

DO check the screws in your sunglasses regularly – use an optical screwdriver for this, and take a look to see that the arms of your glasses open easily but don’t unfold under their own weight. A few seconds of testing can save you a lot of hassle and cost should the sunglasses fall from your face at an inopportune moment, as well as a sure-fire scratch or even smash disaster.

DO look inside your glasses case, from time to time, to ensure that it, too, is free from dust and dirt – if you see anything of this sort in there, give it a wash or wipe.

Using a Hardcase to Protect Your Sunglasses from frame and lens damage



Clean, protect, and extend the life of your sunglasses

Effective sunglasses care is, as we have seen, pretty easy, low cost, and ultimately incredibly effective. Follow our handy guide above to keep your precious sunglasses in superb condition. Sunglasses can often be one of the more expensive investments in our daily life and, for most people, they’re chosen for their style and brand, making them a fashion accessory that says something particular about you. We all love our sunglasses, therefore – DO look after them. Your future self – and your favorite sunglasses – will thank you.


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