New lenses don’t just enhance the aesthetic of your favourite sunglasses; they provide a vital role in protecting your eyes and improving vision quality. At Sunglass Fix we have curated a range of outstanding lenses to suit the most discerning requirements from exclusive fashion to the demands of outdoor sports professionals and enthusiasts. Our lenses are industry leaders in safety, performance and durability. Each pair is meticulously crafted for fit, form and function using state of the art optics, polarisation films and coatings. And with 20 colours to choose from; whether regular, polarized or our ultimate Diamond range, you’re sure to find a lens to enhance your favourite sunglasses. (Please note, not all colors are available in all lens models.)


SFx Diamond

Ultimate Lens Collection

Hazel Gradient
French Blue Gradient
French Blue
Steel Blue
Rose Gradient Gold Flash Mirror
Rose Gold Flash Mirror
Black Onyx
Black Onyx Gradient
Burnt Umber
Burnt Umber Gradient

SFx Edge & SFx Ultra

Regular & Polarised Lenses

Black Solid
Black Gradient
Brown Solid
Brown Gradient
Blue Mirrored
Extreme Black
Silver Mirrored
Green Mirrored
Gold Mirrored
Red-Orange Mirrored
Light Blue Mirrored


SFx Diamond

Our Diamond range represent the pinnacle of sunglass lens technology and optical excellence. Every Diamond lens is manufactured from optical grade Polyamide – an incredibly durable material with the clarity of glass. All have an exclusive Anti-Reflective (AR) coating on the inside to reduce bounce back and an ultra-tough outer hardcoat, to help with scratch prevention. Whether classic Onyx black and Burnt Umber brown or our sophisticated Gradient Rose, Hazel and French Blue, this exclusive range has a lens to compliment your frame with technical specifications and performance to match. If nothing but the best will do, you simply can’t do better than an SFx Diamond lens. (Please see individual lens detail for information on polarization, coatings and category.)


SFx Ultra

One of the strongest, lightweight and durable lenses made. All SFxUltra lenses integrate a Japanese polarisation film with 99.9% efficacy rating - making it one of the best anti-glare lenses available. SFxUltra lenses are available in a wide variety of tints and gradients and can also incorporate both subtle (flash) or solid mirroring. Choose a black gradient for everyday or an extreme black silver flash, with 95% light block, for glacier skiing. These polarised lenses are the definition of style and function.

SFx Edge

Safe, durable, lightweight with crystal clear HD performance. These non-polarised lenses are coated with a protective layer that resists scratching and repels water & sweat. All SFxEdge Lenses are made from a unique, flexible polymer that has unbelievable optical clarity. In fact, laboratory testing ranks our lenses with glass - but ours are a third of the weight, don't break, are safer and easier to install.


Precision Lens Materials

Sunglass Fix lenses are made exclusively from the highest grade of optical Polyamide and Polycarbonate. While Polyamide is in a class of its own for optical excellence, Polycarbonate sets the standard for safety and performance and both deliver true HD performance.

An oleophobic external coating repels oils and water and makes cleaning extremely easy. Combined with a hardcoat for durability and scratch resistance and these may well be the best lenses you've ever owned.

The exact composition of each lens differs from one to the next and every lens has been specified and engineered to look great and perform flawlessly. For the exact details of a particular lens, please see the information provided when making your final color selection.

Please note, we do NOT sell glass lenses. We made this choice as we feel there are better technologies available today. Our lenses are safer, about 1/3 the weight, much easier to install, don't break, and still provide similar optical clarity and durability you'd expect from a glass lens.


Polarization Technology

Glare is light reflected off surfaces like snow, water and the road which, as it is reflected, becomes horizontally polarized. The polarization film built into our lenses is oriented to acts as a filter preventing horizontal light waves from passing through. Hence a polarized lens reduces glare significantly but allows all other (non horizontal) light to pass through.

The reduction of glare provided by sunglass lenses allows you to wear your sunglasses for much longer periods of time with reduced eye-strain and squinting eyes. We also have customers that suffer from migraines who claim that polarized lenses help reduce the onset of headaches.

Polarized lenses are found in many sports brands but are not generally common in fashion eye-wear. However, many of our customers opt to upgrade to a polarized lens in designer eye-wear for the added glare protection and soothing performance they deliver.

Regular sunglass lenses reduce glare by blocking all visible light in an equal manner – not only the horizontally reflected light. Our lenses are made from one of the best performing Japanese polarization films (rated at an industry leading 99.9% efficacy).

For more information on Polarised lenses click here.


Mirrors & Coatings

All of our lenses offer 100% UV protection and they all come with specialist coatings to help with reducing scratches and smudging; but many of our lenses have additional mirroring and anti-reflective coatings.

Mirroring can vary significantly in its strength; from total (like our green and gold mirror) to a very light flash (as in our flash silver mirrors and a number of the flash gold mirrors on our premium Diamond range).

Not just an attractive finish, mirroring helps to reflect light in bright conditions and like the anti-reflective inside coating (which reduced bounce back) help keep everything looking clearer and more defined when in strong sunlight.

And, while we don’t produce glass lenses, we coat all our lenses with a super tough outer hardcoat to make them as scratch resistant as they possibly can be. On our Diamond range this coating has been taken to a new level of anti-scratch excellence.


Why Replace Your Lenses?

They Perform
Our SFx lenses are 60% lighter than glass and much, much stronger, plus each pair are crafted with exceptional optics, giving them incredible clarity.

Great Colors & Options
Found your sunglasses? Great. Now pick a color! With 20 colors to choose from you can rebuild your perfect sunglasses in a snap.

They'll Keep your Eyes Safe
Each pair provides 100% UV protection. All of our lenses meet AS/NZS 1067:2003 and all other known regional quality and safety standards. They provide 100% UV protection so you know your eyes are being protected. The SFx Polycarbonate (PC Polarised and High Clarity) lenses are made from the same primary material used in bulletproof glass and safety goggles - making the lenses virtually shatter proof. Our lenses are some of the safest lenses on the market. However, they fall just short of the Industrial Safety standards required for safety glasses so can not be worn as saftey glasses. Please note, frames also play a big factor in safety. Safety lenses in fragile frames can make good sunglasses but may not provide the level of safety required at the workplace.

They'll Last.. and Last.. and Last
We’ve put our lenses through the ringer because we know you’re going to, too. They’ve stood up to the steel wool abrasion test, ranking 300-500% higher than the competition. They don’t break. They resist scratching. They don’t give out. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

They're Excellent Value
The lenses that our outperform in durability tests can retail for more than $500 - if you can finds them. Don’t waste your money. Our lenses are as affordable as they are high quality.

They're Good for the Environment
One billion pairs of sunglasses are sold every year. Imagine one billion pairs being tossed? We don’t like to think about it either. Replace them, don’t toss them. Do your part for the earth and do it with style.