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Can I replace my Ray-Ban sunglass lenses?

If you’ve been wondering how you can fix your scratched Ray-Ban lenses, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’re going to familiarize you with our inimitable scratch repair service. Put simply, and without any jargon, fancy terms, or tomfoolery, we can easily repair your favorite pair of Ray-Ban’s by seamlessly substituting a new set of high-quality lenses into your much loved shades. From Wayfarer and Justin to Aviators and Clubmaster, we have replacement lenses for all Ray-Ban frames. So, don’t chuck your gorgeous frames away! Simply click and order some top quality Ray-Ban replacement lenses from us. Read on to discover how we can help you and transform those old worn out 'Bans to better than new, whilst also saving bucks and making an environmentally friendly choice, too.

How we replace your Ray-Ban lenses

The process for rejuvenating and reinvigorating those scratched up old Ray-Bans, giving them a new lease of life and returning them to as good as they were the day you bought them, is shockingly easy. Step one: head to our website and find your Ray-Ban model. This should take no more than a minute, because we have almost every conceivable variety of sunglasses on offer. Step two: once you’ve selected your style, there are various options of lens to choose from, including polarized, non-polarized, and a whole exciting spectrum of lens colors and mirrors.

Then, after you've mulled it over and made your final choice, place your order online; after this, simply sit back and leave the rest of it to us. We’ll package up your replacement lenses ASAP, ensuring they’re perfectly padded and mailed to you at no extra charge at all; that’s right, the postage and packing is on us! Since we’ll ensure that your new lenses are a perfect, precisely engineered fit, you can then simply follow our short video guide which demonstrates how to replace them. Again, this should take mere minutes; and, once this is accomplished, you’re done!

Sunglass Fix Replacement Lenses

New Ray-Ban Lenses for all frames

Whether your favorite frames are Wayfarer, Aviator, Clubmaster, Justin, or another style, we stock replacement Ray Ban sunglass lenses of every conceivable and imaginable sort. We wouldn’t be the world’s number one replacement lens provider if we didn’t! So, no matter your style of frame, trust in us to provide it. Our comprehensive database of frames is situated on our website. A couple of scrolls and you’ll almost certainly hone in on the one you know and love.

Custom Ray-Ban Lenses

If you shop all our lenses and find that your particular Ray-Bans are not provided for in our huge range (shocking, we know, but it does happen from time to time), then fear not – we can still offer Ray-Ban lens replacements. How? Well, we’re designers, makers, and technological solution providers, so we’ll do what we do best, and get creative on it, by making you a bespoke set of lenses to fit into your frames, whatever Ray-Ban model they might be.

Custom made lenses means they will fit like a glove – no, better than a glove! Your custom Ray-Ban lenses will be precision engineered by us here, and the process couldn't be easier. First off, you send your frames to us, and we digitally map your lenses so that they are 100% aligned with your frames, meshing and melding lens and frame with super slickness thanks to our expert, artisan touch. Once done, we’ll return your sunglasses good as new. There is no skimping on quality from start to finish with this service, and we will treat your shades as if they are our own. We even email you to let you know when they are safely back en route to you, and of course we use postal tracking, to give you peace of mind.

Aviator Sunglass Fix Custom Replacement Lenses

Ray-Ban lenses vs. Sunglass Fix lenses

But, which is better – Ray-Ban sunglass lenses or Sunglass Fix lenses?

We love Ray-Bans. We love their stylish frames, and their lenses are not at all bad; in fact, they’re very highly regarded. Ray-Ban invented the Aviator model and the associated G15 lens for the United States Air Force, for example, meaning that the quality is of a grade high enough to be chosen by the military. Overall, even outside of this make, Ray-Ban offer a great product and are a fantastic choice of both frame and lens.

But, we have to inform you, their lenses are made from glass or nylon. Glass, put plainly, is wonderfully clear and has fantastic clarity, but aside from this it’s heavy, it’s fragile, and it’s a pain to refit because it can shatter, snap, or otherwise crack really very easily. Not a top choice for a refit, then, and certainly not a good choice if you want to keep your lenses in pristine condition for a good amount of time and at a cost effective price.

Nylon lenses, well, they won’t crack or shatter, but they aren’t what we use, or what our engineers would recommend. Polyamide is our material of choice here at Sunglass Fix, because it can achieve the crystal clear vision of pure glass with none of the inherent weaknesses. We haven’t chosen nylon because it’s not as all-out exceptional as polyamide, in our expert opinion. Polyamide lenses, if they are looked after, will last half a decade or more. We can’t imagine that nylon would do the same, and glass almost certainly won’t (unless you keep them in a glass case, as a museum piece. But we always prefer to think that sunglasses are made for sunny days, and to wear).


Lens Measurement


Furthermore, we coat our polyamide lenses so that they match the high res definition of glass, and not only this: our lenses are durable, having undergone industry standard steel wool abrasion testing. They are ranked around 600-800% higher than competitors retailing for well over $200 in the shops. They are also bulletproof. Yes, you read that right: they are bulletproof. They rank in the very top possible percentile for safety, and are classed as ‘unbreakable’.

In any case, we’re so highly confident in the quality of our lenses, including our replacement Ray-Ban lenses, that we offer a no quibble, six month money back guarantee if you’re not happy with them. So, put some exceptional quality new Sunglass Fix lenses in your Ray-Ban frames, and have the best of both worlds, old and new. Trust us – you’ll be very, very glad that you did.

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