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Replacing your Oakley Lenses is easier than you think

Have you got some scratched Oakley sunglasses, perhaps in a closet or the back of a drawer? Are you thinking that they’re way beyond salvage, and considering buying a new pair? Save yourself a whole handful of cash, and do your bit for the planet, too, by simply replacing your scratched Oakley lenses instead of buying new ones. Our super speedy scratch repair service means you’ll have your favorite set of shades back in no time, with high-quality, genuine lenses, just as good as the original ones. Read on to find out all about it…

Oakley Anorak Replacement Lenses

How to replace your Oakley sunglass lenses

You can replace your Oakley sunglass lenses more easily than you might imagine. Simply head to our website, select your model, choose the lens type and color...and that’s it!

Whatever type of Oakleys you’re into, we’re sure to have the lens model to refresh your frames and return them to nearly new. The process is simple and the end product is second to none thanks to our 100% UV protection, anti-scratch coating and HD crystal clarity, which comes as standard on every type of lens we supply. So, put your cash for those new Oakleys away and invest just a little in this easy and effective solution.

And if you have any sunglasses other than Oakleys that need repairing, take a look at our full range, we stock replacement lenses for all sunglass brands. In fact, we house the largest selection of replacement lenses in the world.

Top Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley, like other well regarded name brands, is an umbrella hosting within it an awesome range of sunglass styles. Some of the most popular models include the Frogskins, the uber cool Gascan frame, as well as Wire which come with a slender, wiry frame that’s generally inspired by the silver screen heroes of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. And, of course, the Holbrook line.

Oakley Sunglasses Popular Sunglass Models

Like certain Ray-Ban styles e.g. Justin, these Oakley frames take inspiration from the early twentieth century and have graced the faces of many movie stars, from Wesley Snipes to Matt Damon, Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt. We’ve compared the brands’ two most popular models in our other blog post: Ray-Ban Justin vs. Oakley Holbrooks.

Whatever appeals most to you, the Oakley spirit is always one of adventure and exploration. No wonder that the lenses get so scratched up! But, never fear, each of these iconic frame designs is covered by your buddies here at Sunglass Fix, and when it comes time for you to replace your Oakley sunglass lenses, we’ll certainly have replacements to suit. And, if you’re unsure which type of Oakleys you have, you can identify your model with our handy finder guide, right here on our website. If you discover that you’re unable to find a particular Oakleys frame, then we offer custom lenses, too, and postage is the only extra cost involved in that case.

Oakley Custom Lenses

In the unlikely event that your sunnies are not covered by our extensive range of lenses, then we can create custom Oakley lenses just for you. No matter the frame, our custom lens creation service means that we can engineer a pair of precision lenses specially for your favourite sunglass frames. You simply choose your lens type and color, mail us your sunglasses (we can provide you with a padded box) then leave the rest to us. We’ll digitally map your lenses and your frames to design a new pair of lenses with exceptional optical clarity. We’ll also install them to ensure that they fit perfectly and then return them to you, good as new.

Sunglass Fix Replacement Lenses

Oakley lenses vs. Sunglass Fix lenses

We love Oakley sunglasses, their lenses, and how they brand the materials and coatings they use with fancy names that set them apart. Oakley are the kings of branding their lens ‘technology’, but let’s take a closer look at what they actually mean:

  • Plutonite is their name for a refined polycarbonate lens material;
  • Iridium is their name for a particular mirror coating that claims to help with glare;
  • Prism is their latest lens ‘technology’ which apparently works at a molecular level to enhance color.

Our specifications here at Sunglass Fix are very similar to all of these ‘technologies’ but we don’t have marketing terms for them…we simply call them what they are.

Put simply, our lenses are made from polyamide. This is without doubt the best sunglass lens material available on the planet today and it’s on a par with the optical excellence and clarity of glass. Our films and coatings are the best in the industry. From Japanese polarization technology (widely recognized as world leading) to mirrors, anti-reflective coatings, super hard scratch-resistant coatings, salt water coatings, and the very scientific sounding ‘oleophobic’ coating, which repels grease and fingerprints, and makes your lenses easier to clean (and keep clean!).

If you’re going to replace Oakley lenses, then, you just can’t do any better than a polarised, polyamide pair from Sunglass Fix. We do one thing and one thing only: sunglass lenses. And we do them exceedingly well. No fancy names. No jargon. Just exceptional sunglass lenses.

Unrivalled quality from Sunglass Fix

For us, clarity is king. We absolutely refuse to compromise the optical excellence of our lenses, and only ever utilize the most optically precise materials, coatings and films. We want you to enjoy the world in high definition, and we’re confident our lenses will deliver unparalleled results. The unrivalled quality of our lenses speaks for itself.

If you want precision; if you want premium quality; if you want protection from sunlight, then get your Oakley replacement lenses from Sunglass Fix. As mentioned, we use specially engineered optical polyamide for a state of the art lens that combines the strength of plastic with the clarity of glass. We also comply with American, Australian and European safety standards, and offer high tech Japanese Polarization which operates at an astounding 99.9% efficacy. Your Oakleys are an iconic, artistically excellent frame design – we recommend getting lenses that are, also, superior, superlative, and quite simply, the best you can get.

Oakley Apparition Replacement Lenses

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