Shipping Custom Made Lenses within Australia


Home Pick-up and Delivery for Custom Made or Installed Sunglasses

While shipping is free for replacement lenses, we do have to charge for the shipment of frames back and forth from our lab. The Sunglass Fix has designed a mailing process that is simple and ensures sunglasses are not damaged or lost in transit. For $14.95 we send you all the packing material and an insured Post Express Pack.


1. Fold your Box

2. Put Sunglasses in case provided

3. Put Sunglasses in Box and Close Box

4. Put Box in Post Express Bag and Sign Aviation Declaration

5. Post at Post Office or Australia Post Gold Box or regular mail box.

Box Folding and More Detailed Instructions are Here

Mailing in your own sunglasses can speed up the process.

1. Please pack you sunglasses in a small box or put them in a good hard case. You can also wrap frames in several layers of bubble wrap and put them in a padded envelope.

2. Include your receipt

3. Ensure you have a return address on your package

4. Mail receipt and sunglasses to: