The Box Folding Instructions

For Sunglass Fix Custom Pick-Up Kit



How you will receive your Pick-up Kit:

Step 01: Unfold your box.

Step 02: Fold up the front and back flaps.

Step 03: Fold in four of the side flaps.

Step 04: Fold up and over the last two side flaps and snap into place on the bottom of box.

After you have unpacked your Pick-up Kit:

Step 05: Fold the top of box over opening.

Step 06: Don't Forget your sunnies. Make sure they are in the complementary Microfiber Case.

Step 07: Fold over the top and insert flaps to securely close box.

Ready to send to our workshop:

Step 08: Fill out your post express return address.

Step 09: Sign the aviation declaration.

Step 10: Remove and save the tracking sticker and keep it in a safe place. Mail the express post satchel. Drop off in any Australian post mailbox, express post box or post office.