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Sunglass Lenses Saves Baseball Player's Eye

Did you know that Sunglasses can actually save your eyes from stray balls? It's true.

Last week Miguel Cabrera, a professional baseball player for the Detroit Tigers, had a close call with a ground ball that hit him around his right eye. The force of the impact caused a small fracture to his orbital bone, the bone below his eye. Miguel quickly held his hand up to his eye and as he pulled it away blood could be seen covering his right hand. """"Thank God I have sunglasses on,"" Cabrera said after he learned the blow to his face from a ground ball Monday had not done more serious damage. ""I'm lucky.""

The sunglasses Cabrera was wearing saved him from a serious eye injury that could cost him the whole season but instead, only got eight stitches under his right eye and a layoff close to one week.

There are some sports where you cannot wear sunglasses because of the nature of the sport but many enable the use of Sunglasses so it's pays to make sure you've always got your best pair of sunglasses with you when you're stepping onto the sports field. Baseball is one sport where you can wear protective eyewear out on the field, especially when you're out in the sun for long periods of time like when playing Baseball or Cricket.

You don't really need to wait for something similar to what happened to Miguel Cabrera to say that sunglasses could have saved your life. Don't forget that wearing sunglasses not only protect your eyes but if you're wearing Polarized Lenses they'll also improve your performance because you'll be well protected from the glare of the sun and unnecessary reflections off metal and car surfaces.

If you do have a Miguel Cabrera moment and shatter your sunglass lens, don't worry, we'll be able to get you some new lenses. Be sure to check out our new Ultimate Polarized Sunglasses, they may just be the best lenses you've ever worn.

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