Sunglass Repair Parts

This is the landing page on top of the product listing for our new category of sunglass parts were we try to .

Optical Screw Driver to Fix Sunglasses and Tighten Hinges
Three optical repair tools in one. Handy key chain design optical 4 in 1 screwdriver 2.4mm a..
Optical Screws 2 x 1.2mm and 2 x 1.4mm and 2 x 1.6mm to replace original frame or hinge screws.
Optical Screws to replace most sunglass hinge and frame screws: 2  Screws that are 1.2m..
Replacement Nose Pads - Please contact us to ensure right size is available and sent
Replacement Nose Pads Screw In Left and Right Nose Pads - with screws Push In Left and Rig..
SUGRU Rubber Nose Pad Molding Kit
SUGRU Rubber Nose Pad Molding Kit - Make your own rubber nose pads if you can not get them from your..
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