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That Time I Broke My Favorite Sunglasses

I take my sunglasses pretty seriously. I've been surfing since I was a kid, and I got a scare pretty early on when my friend's dad, another surfer, lost his vision to cataracts. He was sure it was because of UV rays, and the research doesn't contradict him at all. UV rays are the real deal. They're invisible to the human eye, and they can do irreparable damage both to your eyes and the skin around them. It's no wonder than 40% of those who wear sunglasses in the U.S. do it for their health, instead of for the fashion.
Anyway, I'm pretty intense about my sunglasses. Other people buy theirs for style reasons. I read somewhere that Wayfarers, the ones the Blues Brothers wore, are the best-selling sunglasses in history, and that Elton John owns more than a thousand pairs of accessory sunglasses. Mine are a little more utilitarian. They're polarized, blocking UV rays from all angles, and they also have a gold tint which dims the blue of the ocean and helps me see what's going on a little better. They're made by Revo, a company that makes great glasses for sports and activity, and I love them. At least I did, until a particularly messy fall on my board broke the lens.
Whether Revo replacement lenses are available through the manufacturer remains a mystery. I couldn't find them on their site, and I was pretty disheartened about it. I had almost resigned myself to ordering an expensive second pair when I found a site that sold aftermarket replacement sunglass lenses. All it took was a Google search for ""Revo replacement lenses,"" and I was in business. They aren't technically Revo replacement lenses, but they're still polarized and gold, and they fit my frames. So, I ordered a pair of replacement polarized lenses and waited patiently.
                                                                                                                     TheSunglassFix Replacement Lenses
When they came, I did a little more swift Googling to find out how to perform sunglass lens replacement, and it turns out that replacing sunglass lenses is pretty simple. I had to soak my glasses in hot soapy water for a little while, and then both lenses popped right out of the frames. I popped the new ones in, made sure they were lined up correctly, and I was all set. It was that easy.


I'm still not sure if actual Revo replacement lenses are out there, but I'm honestly not super worried about it. These ones held up to the polarization test and they are just as clear as my old ones. Have you guys ever had a similar problem? Does anyone know if Revo even sells replacement lenses? Let me know!


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