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Gender-Neutral Sunglasses - The Emergence of Unisex Eyewear Designs

Movie stars began rocking sunglasses in the 1900s, setting off a trend for years to come. Today, sunglasses have evolved to become one of the most coveted accessories. Even better, it has become relatively easy to find unisex sunglasses that gorgeously straddle the gender divide. Now more than ever, the unisex apparel and accessory trend is finally in the mainstream, and according to fashion gurus, it is here to stay. If you want an affordable way to renew your sunglasses and remain within the trend, Sunglass Fix has you covered. We offer you a comprehensive range of different gender-fluid lenses that can beautifully complement feminine, masculine, and non-binary facial features. 

Most Popular Unisex Sunglass Styles

Today, unisex shades have gained massive popularity thanks to their ability to protect the eyes while making a fashion statement. Most sunglasses enthusiasts, young and old, know what they want - unisex designer sunglasses that look good on them. And top apparel and fashion designers, aware of this, have created unique eyeglass designs that know no gender. Here are some of the most popular unisex polarized sunglasses.

young lady wearing unisex aviator sunglasses


Nothing says stylish and classic like cool unisex aviator sunglasses. These are not your typical gendered sunglasses. They boast a bold design that is perfect for men and women. While initially designed for male fighter pilots in the 1930s, they have evolved to include more gender-neutral sunglasses that everyone can pull off. These sunglasses are easy to style and can be worn to elevate most outfits.

Top Unisex Aviator Frames

Also known as pilot style wear, Aviator sunglasses are one of the most popular styles in the world. There are various types of unisex aviator sunglasses, including:
Classic Teardrop - Its shape provides the most coverage and best protection from the sun. 

Sporty - If you are an adventure enthusiast, these unisex polarized sunglasses with wide lenses and squared bottoms are your best choice.
Navigator - More square than the teardrop, perfect for people with a longer face shape.

Ray-Ban unisex aviator sunglasses


Round Frames

Round frames have been the only wearable type of corrective sunglasses since their invention and long after. Today, round-framed glasses come in various materials, colors, and variations of frame shapes. They also look and feel vintage, and vintage is classy and fabulous. They give an aesthetic 'hippie' vibe of a 60's or 70's rock star. Unisex rounded sunglasses are versatile, allowing you to achieve any style or look you desire based on your fashion preferences or where you choose to wear them. 

man and woman wearing unisex round sunglasses

Top Round Unisex Brands

Elton John and John Lennon rocked round wire-framed sunglasses, making them acceptable and wildly sought after by both men and women. If you love round glasses, you have established that this timeless style will perfectly suit your face shape and type. Here are some of the top-rated round unisex sunglasses models to consider:

Goodr They Were Out of Black - These unisex round sunglasses come in a neutral color frame. They are sophisticated and boast a lightweight construction and anti-scratch lenses for all-day comfort.

Maui Jim Pineapple - They are lightweight, comfortable sunglasses with a super thin lens with ultimate UV protection. Perfect for outdoor fun and adventure. What's more? They come in several lens colors for various types of lighting. 


young guy and a girl wearing unisex clubmaster sunglasses

Also known as the brownie style, Clubmasters sunglasses design was introduced in 1947. They came into the market as fully customizable, in various colors and sizes. Defined as an elegant yet different style, Clubmasters have a refined and timeless look. These sunglasses are designed for all genders in almost any age group thanks to their subtle-yet- stylish statement.

Top Clubmaster Unisex Brand Models

Clubmasters sunglasses boast a universal look and are perfect eyewear for both men and women. Besides, you can choose many of their features based on your style, likes, and preferences. Some of our favorite clubmaster models include:

Persol El Profesor Sergio Sunglasses - Persol unisex shades feature an acetate frame with 3 different color lenses and a high bridge fit. You can wear these sunglasses on your weekend vacation, at music festivals, and at any outdoor activity, thanks to the 100% UV protection. 

Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses - These unisex sunglasses with polarized lenses have a classic, timeless look and have been worn by John Lennon, among other legendary musicians who helped popularize the shape and design.

Ray-Ban clubmaster classic sunglasses


Originally introduced in 1952, Wayfarer Classics are among the most popular designs in the history of sunglasses. The unisex sunglasses feature plastic frames and dark lenses that evoke a bold, modest statement and are perfect for people who like to keep things simple yet stylish.

Dark skin man wearing unisex Wayfarer sunglasses

Top Wayfarer Unisex Brand Models

Wayfarer sunglasses are a perfect choice for all genders and are hailed as a declaration of style, attitude, and belonging. Currently, no Wayfarer style is specially designed for a specific gender. Some of our top brand's wayfarer unisex models include:

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses - Ray-Ban stands for stylish, classic, and timeless designs that never go out of style. They feature a lightweight frame, an iconic square shape, and chic crystal lenses. They are perfect choices when running errands or spending time on the beach.

Ray-Ban RB2140F Wayfarer Sunglasses - These unisex square sunglasses have an iconic Ray-Ban logo encrypted on the temples. They are perfect for daily outdoor activities thanks to their standard lenses that provide superior clarity. 

Ray-Ban black Wayfarer sunglasses

Genderless style gains more traction as a fashion and apparel brand statement for all and is crucial for us. No matter the shape, shade, or style of lens you choose, you can expect to find the perfect replacement lenses for your unisex sunglasses at Sunglass Fix.

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