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April 15, 2013

Nicki Minaj Charts Her Own Sunglass Lens Style

Now, Minaj has a very high profile position as a judge on American Idol. This exposure on American Idol has helped Minaj become a true fashion icon. Minaj’s ability to successfully pull off a range of different looks has helped her get noticed in a major way by the fashion industry. Frequently, Mina...
April 14, 2013

Designer Sunglasses Are Worth The Investment

When it comes to buying sunglasses, the only real way to go is to choose designer sunglasses. Here is why: designer sunglasses don’t use low quality plastic and other materials and the lenses are designed to international standards that provide optimal protection for eyes. Cheap eyewear doesn’t care...
April 14, 2013

How Sunglass Manufacturers Make a Difference To The Lives of Others

Giving back to the world has never been more important! Today there are so many important causes out there that it can be difficult for one to know where to begin. But three sunglass manufacturers have found smart and helpful ways to give back in style....
April 02, 2013

Prince Charles Showing his Style in Timeless Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

Recently, Prince Charles made a trip to the sunny nation of Oman, showing off his style in some Wayfarer looking sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer has been famous since the 1930s, but other manufacturers have their own Wayfarer inspired looks as well, such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Arnette, Gucci an...
March 12, 2013

Prada Sunglasses Standout at Paris Fashion Week

Paris is always alive and thriving! But between February 26th and March 6th, the fashion world's superstars showcased some of the very best that the they had to offer. Sunglasses took on a dramatic role on the Paris fashion stage at this year's event, as cleverly designed eyewear helped attract a gr...
March 11, 2013

Product Of The Week - Arnette Wolfman Sunglasses

We have come to love the ever reliable and stylish Arnette sunglasses, as do our customers with Arnette's being one of our big sellers for replacement lenses. The Arnette Wolfman sunglasses are, of course, no exception. Arnette features many different styles and is known for making durable and high...
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