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Best Designer Sunglasses for Men & Women

As experts in sunglass lenses, our range is exhaustive, with over 300,000 lens models currently available – and growing. Should your sunglasses suffer a scratch or get damaged in any other way, it's vital that we keep up to date with the hottest, most on-the-money trends so that we can ensure we have the replacement lenses you need right here in stock.

Whether it’s mens sunglasses, womens sunglasses, or sunnies that stylishly straddle the gender divide, this year’s coolest collections and most fashionable designer styles are making their way into the sunshine. Let’s take a look at the best of these emerging trends in our go-to guide for 2022.

What’s Trending?

There are a real mix of ranges this year to suit all sorts of personal styles, seasons, and occasions. Here are the biggest and the best of them.

Retro Frames

Oval shapes – This 90s look is making a glamorous comeback on catwalks all over the globe right now. Back then, they were a nod to the 60s, but now, in 2022, we’re looking back at that late 20th century style resurgence, with oval frames – also known as ‘cat’s eyes’ – gracing the faces of models and celebrities everywhere we look. These classic shades are trending sunglasses for women right now, although they are also popular sunglasses for men. If you were around in the 90s, you’ll recall grunge icon Kurt Cobain famously sporting cat’s eye frames, although even then they were considered retro. A modern twist on this design is for 2022 sunglasses to feature sharper edges or missing panels, making the oval frame look a lot sleeker and more minimalist. Cat’s eyes are flattering for all types of face shapes.

Oval and Cat's Eye Sunglasses on trend.

Round frames – John Lennon-esque circle sunglasses are also making a comeback this year. Elijah Wood and Ryan Gosling have both been seen donning the style, and it’s considered now to be less a hippie look than a hipster one. We’ve spotted new circular sunnies with fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Versace, and even Ray-Ban have put aside their trademark teardrops to get in on the action, with a new frame, ‘Round’, that is unisex and comes with a choice of seven coloured lenses. These branded sunglasses for women or for men are perfectly on-point this season, and perfect for lounging about in your local cafe or bar.

Round Metal Sunglasses - MODEL CODE RB3447 1314B1 53-27

(Source: www.ray-ban.com)

Futuristic Frames

The Matrix look – We all remember Neo a.k.a Keanu Reeves looking cooler than cool in the hit movie ‘The Matrix’. Small, black, angular sunglasses were an essential part of hig cyber-goth look. Now, angular glasses are back, making some of this style obviously retro, but in other arenas angular, architectural types of shades are building on that original look to create something cutting edge and new. Futuristic eyewear has been making a splash on catwalks in New York this season, and influencers such as Vanessa Hong have been reinforcing the trend amongst younger people on Instagram, too.

Futuristic sunglasses

Source: Vanessa Hong @vanessahong (Paid partnership with aritzia)

Fun Sunglasses

Colorful lenses – Alongside the serious aviator look and the ever-present retro fetish this year are copious amounts of glorious color as fashion stops taking itself so seriously and, after all the stresses and strains of the pandemic, loosens up a little. As part of this, tinted lenses are on trend right now - the more colorful the better - as are yellow lens sunglasses, and also gradient lenses, with colors shifting, melding, and coming together in new and playful ways.

Tinted sunglasses.

Source: @shadesshare

It’s thought, too, that lighter tinted lenses are popular right now because, after wearing masks for so long during the Covid crisis, people want to move away from very dark lenses and that feeling of being hidden or muffled. Lighter tints = lighter times, it seems, and celebs such as Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston have both been seen wearing the look. In terms of mens sunglasses, designers such as Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and Carrera are all carrying frames that come with gradient lenses as standard this year.

Unusual shapes – frames that are shaped like hearts, hexagons, squares, or other less common geometric shapes are also in fashion this year. Even beyond familiar shapes, more experimental and ‘out there’ frames are all the rage in 2022, with examples such as Poppy Lissiman’s ‘Crimpie’ sunglasses, with sea-like, scalloped edging, and Balenciaga’s bat rectangle sunglasses for men demonstrating the influence of cultural heroes such as, in this case, Batman, with their bat-shaped silhouette and stand-out side ‘wings’.

Crimpie Pink Multi sunglasses by Poppy Lissiman.

Source: www.poppylissiman.com

Best Men’s Sunglasses

Some of the best sunglasses for men are without a doubt aviators. This year, classic aviators and ‘funky aviators’ are both pretty hot. The former are the iconic look inspired by WWII fighter pilots, and brought to the mainstream by celebrities such as Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’; the latter are the more quirky aviator frames worn by characters such as Johnny Depp in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. Very often, these kooky updates feature thicker frames, with brighter, ‘popping’ color choices, whilst the original style was pretty pared back and necessarily functional: smoky teardrop lenses in silver wire frames, essentially. Whichever you prefer, these are both trending sunglasses for men in the current year.

Ray-Ban Aviators, worn by Tom Cruise.

Source: www.cosmiceyewear.com

Best Women’s Sunglasses

Amongst the many designer sunglasses for women, oversized frames have been spotted gracing the faces of many, including ‘it’ girls such as Kendall Jenner and Billie Eilish. This look can include some of the trends above, such as cat’s eyes – as long as the frames are more exaggerated and dramatic – or tinted lenses. Paris Hilton, too, has been seen wearing large oval shades; these ‘hide-your-face' frames have gone in and out of fashion, but this year they’re most definitely in, and we think the larger set of shades is not only cool but can really emphasize the wearer’s contrasting feminine features, making them possibly the best sunglasses for women.

Best Unisex Sunglassses

This year sees a surge in the number of styles that are suited to both genders. Aviators, as mentioned, are available to both men and women, and further styles that are distinctly inter-sex include:


  • Clear Frames: unsurprisingly, clear frames flatter all faces, as they offer minimal interference with the wearer’s natural shape.


  • Metallic Frames: there’s something distinctly un-gendered about metallic frames. Functional, practical, and long-lasting, they’re suited to all faces whether male, female, or nonbinary.


  • Wire Frames: Ray-Bans are just one example of a gender neutral wire frame that can sit comfortably on any shape of face, whether feminine, masculine, or androgynous.


  • Rectangular Frames: this shape suits masculine as well as female faces – it's a strong, sleek look, much bolder than the not-quite-there clear frames, and perhaps at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of visibility and impact, but the regularity and uniformity of this shape makes it suitable for almost anyone.

Sunglass Lenses for all brands and models.

Sunglass Lenses For All Frames

No matter which style, shape, shade, or spectrum of frame or lens you choose in 2022, our extensive stock means that we hold replacement sunglass lenses for all top brands. So, whether you choose classic aviators, bold rectangular frames, retro cat’s eyes, vintage circular frames, or kooky and unusual shaped frames, we can assist in replacing those lenses whenever they are scratched or damaged, meaning that those frames can keep you looking cool not just in 2022, but beyond.

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