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Are your sunglasses summer ready?

It's almost time to swap jeans for shorts, sneakers for sandals and sweatshirts for T-shirts; to begin shedding woolen, warm coats, and other sorts of wrapping for all the light, cool, carefree clothing of summer. And, don't forget your sunglasses! Hopefully you've taken good care of your frames since the last time you wore them, but just in case they've been sitting at the bottom of a drawer or lost in a bag for the past however many months, and have suffered a scratch or two, now is the ideal time to order a new pair of sunglass lenses for your favorite shades and bring them back to sparkling new life. Order now, and they’ll get to you in plenty of time for the next spell of sunshine.

Scratched sunnies? Order new sunglass lenses online

You’re off to the beach or the bar, to a game or out for a few beers with your buds. Or maybe just taking a walk after a hard day at work. It’s bright outside, and you decide it’s time to sport your favorite pair of sunglasses once again… Oh, jeez. The lenses are scratched. You’re not sure how it happened. But, we see this a lot. Particularly when sunglasses are put away ‘somewhere’ over the cold season; and also if the lenses are original, or perhaps even made out of old-fashioned fragile glass. So, with summer just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to replace the sunglass lenses in your old frames.

Couple wearing sunglasses in summer

You might think that your favorite pair of sunnies can be rejuvenated by using a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease – a homespun remedy, perhaps, such as sandpaper, baking soda, toothpaste, or something else from right there under the sink. If that’s the case, and before you try anything out, make sure you read our other post, where we’ve personally researched a variety of DIY methods that claim to remove scratches from sunglasses. Take it from us, it’s just not a good idea.

The simple solution, seconded by us – who’ve made the world’s most successful business out of it, with delighted customers in countries all around the globe – is simply to replace the actual lenses. It’s easier than you’d think, and thanks to modern technical advances and our specialism in the area, the cost is remarkably low. You and your sunglasses can both be ‘summer-ready’ and all prepped for the sunshine season before you know it. Read on…

Sunglass Fix: Fast and simple process

The modern age of online ordering has worked wonders for us and it’s what allows us to offer you speedy as well as international service, so that your best designer sunglasses are sitting comfortably on your face again in no time. Our process is simple:


Step What you need to do How   Why
1: Search Identify your sunglass model You can do this by finding the model number inside your frames. It’s pretty easy if you follow the simple instructions on our website.   We stock over 300,000 lens options and need to ensure we supply the right lenses to you.
2: Choose Decide on your lens options. Choose between our lens options stated online. We offer SFx Ultra which are polarized; SFx Edge which are non-polarized; SFx Diamond which boast an AR (anti-reflective) coating; and over 20 color tint options.   We pride ourselves on the quality of our lenses. Made from specially engineered optical Polyamide to deliver a state-of-the-art lens that combines the tensile strength of plastic with the crystal-clear clarity of glass with an extra hard coat to avoid scratches.
3: Delivery Buy your lenses. Via our website. We then take care of getting the lenses to you – we ship worldwide, and what’s more this is absolutely free of charge.   Because we’re the best provider of replacement lenses on the planet, shipping for free to 170+ countries internationally.
4: Installation Put your new lenses into your frames. Follow the instruction guides on our website. With our help, this should take just minutes.   Good as new sunglasses in a few simple steps. Your frames are now back in action.


Find out all about it in our quick, how-to video below. It takes a moment to watch; a moment to order; and a minimal amount of time and cash to get your shades ready for summer. And, the next sections in this article give a little more information on some of these steps, too.

Replacement Lenses for all top brands

We stock replacement lenses for all designer sunglasses. It’s essentially an A-Z for us here at Sunglass Fix, with lenses suitable for frames from Armani to Zenith, and everything in between. If it’s designer we’ve got you covered, no matter if your specs are by Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Moschino, or another brand. You can easily look up the brand or model on our comprehensive website and order your new high precision lenses in just a few simple clicks.

Sunglass Fix Sunglass Lenses

We also offer a bespoke sunglass lens creation service, taking care of everything, from the design stage right through to the fitting of the lenses. You mail in; we mail back; it’s as simple as that. In between, we digitally map your frames to ensure your new lenses fit your favorite frames like a glove, before professionally fitting and returning them to you via a tracking service to ensure fast and secure delivery.

Get your new sunglass lenses with free shipping worldwide

We offer free shipping as standard, to 170+ countries around the globe. This includes the USA, UK, Australia, and more. Tracking options are available for a small extra fee to many destinations. We’ve served customers worldwide for nearly two decades, helping hundreds of thousands of customers keep their favorite sunglasses for longer. Although shipping internationally means a little more waiting time for some, we know – and our customers know; just look at our ratings on Trustpilot – that it’s definitely worth it.

Sunglasses on top of the books

The sunshine season is coming

Remember, too, that summer is the sunshine season, so it’s vital to make sure that your eyes are protected from ultraviolet rays. All our lenses come with guaranteed 100% UV block-out and a promise of ultra, ultimate protection. Japanese polarization technologies mean that our polarized lens options, too, are at an optimum, offering an astounding 99.9% efficacy. This technology has been officially recognised as the very best in the world.

Additionally, we comply with American, Australian and European safety standards – your eyesight is as important to us as it is to you, and so we don’t compromise on safety even whilst adhering to fashion and style. Our lenses made of Polyamide are tough and durable, and won’t ever – unlike glass – let you down. And our extra scratch proof hard coat should keep your shades in action all summer long.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your new lenses now from Sunglass Fix.

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