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Never Lose Your Sunglasses Again With Glasses TrackR

We've all been there, bought a nice expensive pair of designer sunglasses only to promptly lose them. I finally invested in a pair of Prada sunglasses years ago coughing up the $300 for the latest style only to lose them the same week. Of course I could keep my cheap petrol station sunnies for years, murphys law right?! These days I'm a lot more careful and manage to keep my brand name sunnies for a while.



But we never have to worry about losing or misplacing our sunnies again because a company called Phone Halo has developed a Phone App that will track where your sunglasses are, 24/7, through their little chip that goes on the end of your sunglasses. What a great invention and I can't wait to use it real soon.







                                                                                 Sunglasses Glasses Trackr


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