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Is it worth replacing my Maui Jim lenses?

Buying a new pair of sunnies is always a treat, right? Especially when you’ve got a fondness for some gorgeous designer brand or make. But, very often, those shades of choice are a shade too pricey, in which case, simply refreshing your old ones with new lenses will definitely save you some cash and have them looking like brand new. In this day and age – the age of Sunglass Fix! – there’s just no need to worry about it.

No matter whether your precious Maui Jim lenses are scratched or generally damaged – or if you perhaps just want to revamp your fave frames with a scintillating new mirror color – here at Sunglass Fix we have hundreds of models for you to choose from, and we even go so far as to make sweet, superbly fitting custom lenses too. It’s really easy to replace Maui Jim lenses, so easy you’ll be more than a little amazed by it. So, put your wallet away, and let us walk you through what we can do for you with a few clicks of your cursor button. We think you’ll agree that it’s most definitely worth it!

How much does it cost to repair Maui Jim sunglasses?

Maui Jim sunglasses may originally cost hundreds of dollars, but Maui Jim replacement lenses needn’t cost the same – nowhere near it, in fact. Sunglass Fix prices start from US$33.99, meaning you can rejuvenate those expensive vintage frames at a mere fraction of the cost. The frames may have cost hundreds of dollars, but you’ll be looking at just tens of them when replacing the lenses and refitting your fashionable and much loved Maui Jim frames.

Can I save money with new Maui Jim replacement lenses?

Our favorite word here at Sunglass Fix is YES. Yes, you can save money when you replace Maui Jim sunglass lenses with us. Yes, we’ll give you fabulous, high quality, exceptional grade lenses which fit like a glove. And yes, the process is very easy, even despite the fact that most of your bucks will stay right there in your back pocket.

Not only this, but it’s a big YES for the environment from us, too. As you might imagine, refreshing your frames with new lenses, instead of throwing them away, brings big benefits for the earth itself. It means less waste, less landfill, less stress and strain on our natural resources. Hundreds of millions of sunglasses are tossed away each year, with over one billion pairs of sunglasses replaced. Around a third of these are still in great condition and just in need of a little TLC. Our new Maui Jim lenses let you revamp your frames and keep them beautifully alive and in situ on your face, instead of in the trash. So, you’ll be making green savings – money, the environment – of all sorts when you buy direct from us.

How we replace your Maui Jim lenses

You can shop lenses by brand right here on our website. We ​​offer the largest range of precision replacement sunglass lenses in the world. Take a look through at your leisure, browse all Maui Jim replacement lenses, find the ones that are right for yourself, and then follow through with a couple of clicks to select your choice. Check out our ‘identify your model’ page in the ‘how to’ menu on our website if you need a little help with this. And, in the unlikely event that you can’t find the lenses you desire, let us know and we’ll go the extra mile by creating a bespoke pair to fit your frames, no problem at all.

Once your order is made, we post the lenses out to you, safely and swiftly. We mail out to anywhere in the world, for free, and by priority post, too. The sunglass lenses themselves are easy to install, and your Maui Jim sunnies should be no exception. Again, check out our handy, helpful guide on how to do this in the ‘how to’ section on our website. If you do feel that this is something you’d like assistance with, or might not be able to manage, then let us know – we also offer a Custom Cut and Installed Sunglass Replacement Lenses service, in which we can do all of this for you.

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim lenses vs. Sunglass Fix lenses

The reason your Maui Jim lens or lenses are scratched or damaged now is more than likely because they were originally formed from glass. Glass is very heavy, breaks easily, and it can be difficult for customers to replace in their frames due to the techniques of its manufacture. Additionally, glass has literally zero flexibility, which makes it prone to breaking the frames themselves, or else the lenses shatter or crack upon install. Okay, glass gives great optical clarity, and no distortion, but the negatives greatly outweigh the positives, from a tech as well as user perspective, here.

The solution? Use a material which gives the high optical resolution and crystal clarity of glass, but without the weight, delicacy, and danger of breakage. Our Maui Jim replacement sunglass lenses are made from polyamide, which is flexible, lightweight, and super strong. What’s more, it possesses the high definition clarity of glass, but minus the heaviness and tendency to break very easily. We expect our lenses to last 2-5 years, or even longer, if taken care of. We also coat the lenses so that they are virtually scratch resistant. Pretty great, huh?

Traditionally, as you may know, glass Maui Jim sunglass lenses are polarized. We also offer polarization, in addition to the above mentioned myriad benefits. Polarized sunglass lenses are made in such a way as to reduce light glare. Because of this, they improve vision, safety, and problems like eyestrain. Who wants to be affected by the sun when sporting sunglasses? Not us, and perhaps not you, either, which is why we can polarize, too, making our replacement lenses first choice when weighing up the pros and cons of Sunglass Fix lenses vs. more expensive, more fragile Maui Jim glass alternatives.

Our lenses are, in fact, made from one of the best performing Japanese polarization films, rated at an industry leading 99.9% efficacy. Yes, we said 99.9%! So, whilst it’s true that Maui Jim do offer their own renowned, in-house polarization technology, our lenses offer the same but with every extra advantage above AND they cost far, far less to boot. It makes for a very easy choice, in our humble opinion.

Also be aware that, as with so many manufacturers, Maui Jim might give some fancy names to their polarization, e.g. ‘PolarizedPlus2’, but the science remains the same – both are simply just polarized. But, as we say, Maui Jim lenses are (fragile, heavy) glass, and ours are the incredibly technologically advanced polyamide with all the clarity of glass but none of its flaws. Accidentally drop your Maui Jim lenses and they’re likely to smash, shatter, or crack. At the very least they’ll just get all scuffed up again. Ours won’t!

Maui Jim Sunglasses with SFx Replacement Lenses

Top Maui Jim lens models

We hold replacement lenses for all the most popular – and also many of the more idiosyncratic – Maui Jim models, including ​​Ho’okipa – the bestselling sports sunglasses – and Banyans, which are similarly sporty in feel but feature a cool, rimless edge. Some other well known and loved Maui Jim makes are the stylish Red Sands, which are perfect both for sportswear outdoors, as well as indoor occasions whether casual or more formal, and Jim Peahi, with their uber cool wraparound coverage and slim, slightly more urban looking style.

Mahaka is another rimless Maui Jim model that we’re in love with, and which you can find new lenses for with us here. Stingray and World Cup are rimmed types that prove ever popular – we love the angularity and ‘edge’ of these, and yes, it goes without saying that we have fresh new lenses to suit both of these, plus a plethora more.

Whatever your favorite style of Maui Jims, and no matter those vintage frames you need new lenses for, you can find them here. And, to answer the original question we posed at the start of this article, is it worth it? We hope you’ve realized that, yes, definitely, it is! It’s also, always, worth investing in the very best lenses that are available on the planet right now, too. IT is worth it, and so are you! Most definitely, without a doubt, yes.

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