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Tips on How to Remove Scratches from your Sunglasses

The sun is shining and you’ve found last year’s shades only to discover they’re scratched. Bummed. One option is to throw them out which isn’t the most sustainable answer and will cost you big to replace them. Rather than binning your favourite pair of Pradas, Guccis or Ray Bans, there’s actually a way to get them good as new without spending a fortune. Want to know what that is? Well then, read on...

SOS (Save Our Sunnies)

The best way to remove scratches from sunglasses is to replace the lenses - go to point 5 to find out more. But, you might be tempted to try and fix them yourself. To help you along, and to assist you in making the best possible choice, we personally tried out the top 5 ‘home remedies’ recommended (although not by our engineers!) to remove scratches, and rated them out of 5. Here’s what we found:

When you’re looking at how to remove scratches from sunglasses, there are plenty of techniques that sound good in theory, but in reality they’ll potentially ruin your lenses and make the problem worse. This could be a very costly mistake if the lenses could otherwise have been saved; even more so if they’re polarized, coated, or on prescription. One way is to use an abrasive material to buff or smooth out your scratched sunglasses, but does that really work? There are a variety of everyday household materials you can use to try and fix scratched sunglasses, you just need to make sure you use the right solution for the job.

1. Toothpaste

If you’re considering using toothpaste to remove a scratch from your sunglass lenses, think again. It may smooth over a minuscule scratch, but the abrasive power of toothpaste is low and, quite frankly, if the scratches are that superficial you don’t want to risk ruining your otherwise pretty decent lenses and wasting a tube of Colgate in the process. Want to know how to fix scratched sunglass lenses? Well, this isn’t it. Let’s look at some other options.

Rating: 2/5


2. Vinegar and baking soda

Your gran may have sworn by vinegar and baking soda to clean, well, basically everything, but used to remove scratches from sunglass lenses is a different story. You might just be lucky and see some small improvement, but if the chemical and abrasive balance is even slightly off, you’re at risk of discolouring your lenses with this method. For this reason, we give this method a big fat zero.

Rating: 0/5

3. Sandpaper

Okay, put the sandpaper down and step away. Sandpaper will not only not remove the scratches from your sunglasses; it’ll also completely ruin your lenses by scrubbing off any mirroring and potentially distorting polarized lenses. You’re not going to fix scratched sunglass lenses with a sheet of this stuff, so don’t even try it. Leave the sandpaper for your outdoor furniture and keep reading.

Rating: 0/5


4. Car Wax

Logic says that car wax, with its abrasive and filling qualities, will work just as well for your sunnies, yes? Erm, no. It might help level out a scratch from a cosmetic viewpoint, but if you want to retain the clarity of your original designer lenses, the wax is likely to distort your vision which will leave you with a pair of ruined sunglasses and a lot of lost time. For these reasons, when it comes to how to fix scratched sunglasses, we give car wax a very poor 1 out of 5.

Rating: 1/5

5. Replace your lenses

Okay, you’ll be glad you stayed with us because there is a foolproof way to remove the scratches from your lenses, and it’s so easy you’ll be amazed. Want to know how to get scratches off sunglasses, Every. Single. Time? Are you ready? Replace them.

That’s right, by fitting brand new lenses into your existing frames, you’ll retain perfect clarity, and avoid damaging any mirroring or protective lens coating – without having to fork out on a new pair of designer sunnies. We, here at Sunglass Fix can replace your scratched sunglasses lenses at a fraction of the cost of buying a new pair, and you can fo it from the comfort of your own home, with just a few clicks.

Rating: 5/5

So, if you’re still wondering how to get rid of scratches on sunglasses, don’t waste time trying to fill in, buff, or otherwise remove that scratch from your lenses – simply replace them in an instant and get outside in the sunshine! Sunglass Fix has the largest range of high quality replacement lenses in the world with over 250,000 models to choose from. Browse our huge variety of lenses by brand right here on our website, we’ll surely be stocking what you’re looking for, and prices begin in the tens of dollars, not the hundreds.

Finding your make of sunnies should be easy, as a first step. If not, we can create custom lenses to suit. We make our lenses from the highest grade, most technologically sturdy material – polyamide – meaning there won’t be any need to consider sandpaper or car wax anytime soon.

To summarize, there is no safe, certain way to fix scratched sunglasses, aside from what we, here at Sunglass Fix, already promote and provide. Just say no to the old wives’ tales and replace your lenses from the outset instead.

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