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From Click to Delivery: How your SunglassFix replacement lenses get to you!

If you have a pair of scratched-up sunglasses, do not throw them away! You can recycle, reinstate, and return those favorite frames to their former glory by simply replacing the lenses with Sunglass Fix. The clue is in our name! And there are so many great reasons why you would want to do this, including:

  • It is great for the environment. Over 1 billion pairs of sunglasses are replaced every year - around a third of these are in good condition and could just be refreshed with new lenses. In 2019, we were recognized as the Most Innovative Sunglass Replacement Lens Manufacturer by APAC Insider and also won their Excellence Award in Environmental Sustainability due to our innovative efforts in this area.
  • Sunglasses are expensive. Why fork out for a new pair when you can simply renew and replenish some frames you already own?
  • We all have a favorite pair of frames, whether for reasons of fashion, nostalgia, or just the good times we have enjoyed when wearing them because they fit so well. Replacement = retainment of those beloved frames.
  • Sometimes, designers stop producing certain styles or become low in stock and exorbitantly expensive. Keep wearing that pair you love by simply inserting new lenses!
  • Some brands also do not offer replacement options. That’s where we confidently step in… There is a single, simple solution to all of the above issues, and it’s us here at Sunglass Fix.

Our story

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Maybe you have heard about the brand and know that we are ‘fixers of sunglasses’. We began in 2006 when our founder Craig Anderson came across a pair of scratched-up sunglasses in a drawer. We have all been there, but on this occasion, he decided to do something about it… And Sunglass Fix was born.

Although we are based in Australia, we operate worldwide and stock over 300,000 replacement lens models of over 900 brands ready for immediate dispatch to customers anywhere and everywhere. Our solutions have changed the global market; we are committed to the planet and doing our bit to sustain it. We are proud members of 1% for the Planet.

We are a one-stop shop for all your sunglass lens needs. We offer cost-effective, incredibly strong, cutting-edge and custom-made solutions, with our lenses often exceeding the original manufacturer’s quality.

We want you to see what we do and how we help you, in turn, to see! So, read on and find out how we can assist you.

The entire Sunglass Fix process: perusal, purchase, production, packaging, and post

Navigating the website

Our website is user-friendly and easy to find your way around. It is designed and arranged so that you can use your ‘intuition’ when navigating, using accessible menus and clearly marked and colored buttons.

Not sure about your brand model? Here’s how to check

So, let’s say you have some much-loved sunglasses, and you think they might be a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but you are not sure. Do not just put any old thing down when prompted. Use our helpful website to check and in making sure you have the correct model and lens size to ensure a perfect fit

We offer three steps to help you identify your brand and model:


Click on the orange button in the top LEFT corner of the website that says “Search lenses by brand or model”. This ‘pops up’ with an image to demonstrate where you might find your model number on your frames. 
If you CAN see the number on your sunglasses frames, enter your model number into the search bar that will show you all the different models and sizes we carry for your sunglasses. Then check the lens size (watch the "how to identify your lenses' video if you don't know). Once you know your model and lens size you can confidently order your new lenses.
If you CAN NOT see the number, click on “How to identify your lenses” within the pop-up or watch the helper video; if you are still unsure which is best, take a look at both.

search bar


Go to the main menu , and click on “Shop Lenses”. You can then either choose Shop All Brands or, if it is one of the highlighted brands in the menu, then choose it from the list.

3. SPEAK to us

Don’t see your lenses in our list? We also offer customized lenses tailored to you and still at a fantastic low price and exceptional high quality.


Order online

Once you have identified and verified your model, you can order your replacement lenses online. Follow these simple steps, and remember, our website is intuitive and tailored to the user - if you are unsure or change your mind at any point, you can always return to the previous page to alter your options.

SunglassFix Product Page

Once you have identified your brand and model you will be asked to choose the following:

  1. Lens Type: Edge, Ultra, Diamond
    SFx Edge lenses are our non-polarized option, coated with a protective layer that is resistant to scratches and effectively repels moisture.
    SFx Ultra lenses are fully polarized and are one of the lightest, strongest, most durable lenses around. They are made from optical grade Polyamide we use for all our polarised  lenses, which has the crystal clarity of pure glass.
    SFx Bio-Lens Diamond features 42% reusable material while maintaining perfect optical clarity with 58% optical grade Polyamide, which has the crystal clarity of glass. A revolutionary approach to sustainable lenses. Features an exclusive AR (Anti-Reflective) coating.
  2. Lens Colour
    Depending on the lens type, we offer a range of lovely colors and tints to choose from. Check out the rainbow range of hues and get your favorite!
  3. Spares and Accessories (Optional)
    Accessories are very useful items that you might find helpful in keeping your new lenses / old frames in optimum condition, or assist in installing your new lenses. The options include optical screwdrivers, cleaning cases, microfiber pouches, etc.
  4. Confirm your order

On the right of the screen, you will find a summary of your order (lens type, followed by lens color); the number of ordered products (listed as Pairs); and, finally, the Total, including the cost of shipping which is, in most cases, free.

Simply click the orange Add To Cart button when you are done.

How our world class lenses are created

Once your order is in, it is processed by our dedicated team on our premises. Although it is people we are serving, and people who work hard at the heart of our business, it is then handed over to the machines to ensure your lenses are absolutely perfect. State-of-the-art equipment, using meticulous machination alongside the most cutting-edge digital technologies, formulate and fashion your lenses to be precision-made. Lenses are then checked and measured by one of our dedicated lens professionals, using an expert eye to confirm the lenses are cut to specification. Once we are happy, we custom wrap the lenses for safekeeping on their journey in our award winning sustainable packaging, and pass the package onto our tried and tested delivery service.

Shipping information

We ship to 170 countries around the globe, and standard shipping is free. Check our paid, slightly speedier express options and our international shipping times for an idea of when your lenses will arrive. Our delivery service is reputable and reliable. It offers an extra tracking option if desired.

Receive and install your lenses

Again, we offer 3 options for you to choose the best and most convenient. Although installing your lenses is easy, if you have not done it before, we have some handy guides and helpful services we can offer to you:

1. A short, snappy, easy-to-follow series of videos that explain how to install lenses on different types of sunglasses, both generally (e.g. those with plastic frames, clip-in frames, metal frames, etc) or specifically (e.g. the make and model, such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Adidas, Maui Jim, Louis Vuitton, etc.)

2. A tip-top Sunglass Fix Guide that gives all the info on how to install your sunglass lenses.

3. If you prefer not to handle the process: we will do it for you! Just send us your sunglasses, and we will return them with your chosen lenses installed. Mail in - mail-back - enjoy. It’s that easy.

Sustainability and recycling

We are committed to a long-term program of sustainability. This lies at the heart of everything we do. We have won awards for our attitude, approach, and actions. In 2021 we signed up to 1% for the Planet, determined to continue our work and joined the organization in the business area of ‘repairing, recycling, and refilling’. 1% for the Planet is founded on a model of a business membership program, in which responsible businesses give back to Environmental Partners to help create a healthier planet. 

Our guarantee

We personally and professionally guarantee that your lenses will be:

  • delivered safely
  • a perfect fit
  • come with a lifetime warranty against breakage
  • come with a 1-year manufacturer defects warranty
  • can be returned within 6 months, no questions asked

As with all warranties, there are some small exclusions and exceptions, so check our website for details. We will do our best to help you out, though, as our aim is for you to be 110% happy and satisfied.

How to take care of your sunglasses afterward

We regularly update our blog with items and useful articles for anyone who has purchased, owns, or thinks of buying sunglasses, both frames and lenses. This includes in-depth articles on looking after your sunglasses, cleaning them, and protecting them against damage.

Take a look at this well-read and useful list of do’s and don’ts as a start and when your lenses arrive, be sure to put these handy tips into action. Feel free to peruse the blog as and when for further free and useful updates.

Over to you!

We hope this post has made the process of purchasing replacement lenses clear to you. The whys of it are many, the hows of it are simple, and the when of it is entirely up to you! If you have any further questions, please get in touch - or, better yet, browse our website. We made it just for you. And we are here, if you have a question, a comment, or even a compliment. Read our FAQs and contact us for further information.

Take a look at our YouTube Channel Playlist on how to install your replacement sunglass lenses


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