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Lizzie Loses Her Lucky Oakley Sunglasses at the 2012 Summer Olympics

What Happens if You Lose Your Lucky Sports Sunglasses During the Olympics?

As you might imagine, each time the Olympics roll around, outdoor athletes get out their best sports sunglasses. An excellent pair of polarized sunglasses can make the difference between successfully representing one's country and failure. Olympic athletes sometimes spend their entire lifetimes getting ready, and so success is imperative. Anything that can give them the edge can mean the world to them.

This year, one British professional cyclist named Lizzie Armistead was horrified when she accidentally lost her Oakley sports sunglasses. Believe it or not, the police were contacted on her behalf. They sent out a message on their Twitter feed begging onlookers to turn in her Oakleys if they happened to find them. Part of the reason for all the drama is that these were Armistead's ""lucky sunglasses.""

                                                  Athlete Lizzie Armistead with her sports sunglasses

If you have ever had a pair of lucky sunglasses, you can probably relate to how miserable you might be if they were lost. Of course, if you contacted the police, they would be likely to laugh a bit and point you in the direction of the closest sunglasses store!

Our clients have been happy to learn that we can provide high-end aftermarket Oakley lenses for a very reasonable price. While we may not be able to help you if you lose your glasses, if you accidentally scratch of damage the lenses, we can quickly send out some replacements. This is a good way to allow your good luck to continue!

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