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Oakley Pitbull Sunglasses - Product of the Week

We carry a lot of great sunglass lenses replacements at The Sunglass Fix. As a result it can be a little tricky on just selecting one to be the Product of the Week. It was easier this week with the Oakley Pit Bull lenses.

                                                                      SFx Oakley Pitbull Sunglass Lenses

The Pitbulls are winning over a lot of fans and for good reasons; they’re impressive in their versatility and very masculine with strong hinge joints and good eye coverage that wrap really tightly around the head so they don't fall off. Plus, they look great with virtually anything you wear, great for casual BBQ's or a night out on the town.

There is no doubt that Oakley makes a great product, but even with great care, an active lifestyle can lead to damaging your scratching your sunglass lenses. That's where we come in! Just read what Jeff Kehoe had to say about us recently;

""Just got my fave William Rast sunglasses back here in Boston after sending to you in Australia for custom cut replacement lenses. You guys are the bomb. Thank you!”

No matter whether you need lens replacements for your Oakley's, Arnette sunglasses, Ray Ban Wayfarer, William Rast, Prada, Gucci or a range of other manufacturers, remember that we have you covered. We can save a tremendous amount of time and money and still get the same great lenses you need!

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