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Professional Fisherman Kevin VanDam Gets Help From Polarized Lenses

                                                                     Professional Fisherman Kevin VanDam Caught A Fish

Pro athletes around the world understand the value of selecting the right polarized sunglasses and bass fisherman Kevin VanDam has noted just how important his relationship with his Oakley sunglasses has been to his success. Great tools translate into the opportunity for great performances.


This is exactly why bass fishing legend VanDam has chosen to wear polarized sunglass lenses. Thanks to this greater clarity of vision and a reduction in glare in Polarized Lenses the reaction times are improved and more information can be gathered.



Both of these factors are essential for great athletic performances and have helped VanDam become a legend. Polarized lenses not only afford VanDam exceptional protection for the sun's rays and the water glare, but also allow him to see the fish more enhanced clarity.


The right tools are an investment. So when you damage or scratch your sunglass lenses, don't throw them away. Instead of throwing away your sunglasses, you should turn to us. We can replace damaged sunglass lenses for a tiny fraction of the cost of replacing an entire pair.


We can send your replacement lenses anywhere in the world at no extra cost, so you can get back out there on the water and make a record catch!

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