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Will you need your Sunglasses for the British Open?

Golf gears up another level this week as the Royal Liverpool Golf Club at Hoylake in England hosts the British Open PGA tournament from July 14-20.


Taking on his first major in 11 months, Tiger Woods is shaping up as one the favourites but he'll be competing with the likes of Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, Martin Kaymer, Justin Rose and Bubba Watson.



One of the things you may have noticed about golfers is that a lot of them don't wear sunglasses to hit the ball. Instead, you'll find them sitting on the back of their hat. There is a lot of talk as to whether or not sunglasses really do help your vision on the course.



What you need is a pair made specifically for playing golf. You'll want a tinted lens that brings out the white of the ball against the greens. Polarised lenses will help eliminate the glare to give you increased visibility and enhanced distance perception for that perfect shot.



A pair of sunglasses with interchangeable lenses will also help with the differing light conditions such as partly cloudy, high glare or just protection from the wind. You'll find that Oakley, Tifosi and Nike offer a great range of golfing sunglasses.



If you have a pair of sunglasses but the lenses are scratched or damaged then we can help. We have thousands of replacement lenses in stock and we ship anywhere in the world for free! So for that perfect drive, check out our website to find your new lenses www.thesunglassfix.com.



To keep updated with what is happening at The British Open, go to https://www.theopen.com.


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