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How to remove scratches from polarized sunglasses

In this article, we’ll delve through a bunch of myths, mistaken beliefs, “home hacks” and methods we’ve seen doing the rounds, each one assuring you that this is the one method you need to repair scratched sunglasses with a polarized lens.

Each one of them is wildly different, and might involve tools and substances as diverse as: sandpaper, petroleum jelly, soap, microfiber cloths, toothpaste, cotton swabs, scratch removal polish, baking soda, dishwater liquid, vinegar, alcohol, hand sanitizer, glass cleaning spray, car wax, brass polish, paper towels and warm water.

That’s quite the list. But, which one is correct? You’ve scratched your favorite pair of polarized sunglasses, and of course you want to try to repair them if you can. These shades, depending on the brand, might have cost you tens or even hundreds of dollars. A little home remedy might just save you on splashing out a lot of hard-earned cash on a new pair. It’s certainly worth a try… right?

If you’re seriously weighing up the options, and really want to know how to remove scratches from polarized sunglasses, then read on. We’ve years of expertise in the sunglass lens industry, and can finally offer you the one scientifically sound solution.

Can you fix scratched polarized sunglasses?

In our opinion, no, you cannot successfully remove scratches from polarized sunglasses. But, we do have a solution. Before we elaborate on this, we’d like to direct you to another article of ours where we tried some of the “home hacks”, remedies and tips on how to remove scratches from sunglasses we mentioned above.

Our business is providing replacement sunglass lenses, so we wanted to make sure that our ‘competition’, in the form of toothpaste or car wax, was actually a serious contender for us. And, after testing these hardy, homespun methods, we still believe our way is a sure fire method to ensure that your lenses are as good as new again. Read on to find out more…

Replacement Sunglass Lenses - a guaranteed solution

We recommend replacement lenses as the one way of ultimately guaranteeing that your favorite pair of shades are returned to their former glory. Many of the ‘hacks’ we tried in fact tended to worsen the scratches on the lens, effectively ruining them and making them even less operable than they had been.

The issue is that many of these home remedies involve buffing and sanding, effectively removing any coating on your lenses. If your lenses have the polarizing filter sandwiched between two layers of plastic, then possibly you’ll just be buffing the surface, but if this coating is on the outer layer of your lens then it could be ruined. What’s more, the UV-blocking abilities of the lenses could also be compromised, which might mean that your sunglasses are not doing their most important job – protecting your eyes from the sun. This could mean serious consequences for your retinas if you’re not careful.

Sunglass Fix Sunglass Lenses

So, just how to fix scratches on polarized sunglasses? The best, safest, and speediest way is to get new lenses. At Sunglass Fix we believe that clarity is king, and work with technologically advanced materials, coatings and films to provide optical excellence. In addition to this guaranteed polarized sunglasses scratch repair solution, we also offer:

  • An easy, fast ordering process
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Prices starting from just US$33.99

Three solid reasons to ensure you order new lenses rather than fiddle about with some home-hacks.

Preventing scratched sunglass lenses

Although we’re happy to offer our high quality replacement lenses as the ultimate solution to scratches on polarized sunglasses, we’d also like to share with you some of the ways in which you can look after your shades to help and prevent scratches from occurring in the first place.

  1. Keep them cased – sunglasses of every sort usually come in a case, and with good reason. Making sure you put your glasses in a case will keep them protected from anything which might cause scratches.
  2. Clean them properly – give them a dry clean with a microfiber cloth. If you’re unable to remove any dirt on them, then use lukewarm water, drying them with a very soft cloth. If that still doesn’t solve the issue, then opt for a non-oily liquid soap. Never buff, sandpaper, or use any abrasive items or substances on your lenses, as this will almost certainly ruin them
  3. Use both hands – it might sound obvious to say, but make sure to use both your hands when opening and affixing your sunglasses, and then again when putting them away. Opening with one hand can in fact lead to misalignment, resulting in loose screws. This is more of a frame issue than a lens issue per se, but if the bridge isn’t fitted as a result, or even if your sunglasses fall off because of a missing screw, this can prove damaging to your lenses.

Sunglass Fix Quality

Perhaps obviously, we would add in here to make sure that the brand of new lenses are of premium quality. We make our replacement lenses from polyamide, which is without doubt the strongest and least easy to scratch material in the world. It has all the tough, tensile strength of plastic yet retains the crystal clear clarity of glass.

Our replacements are precision engineered, too, so no matter which lens you choose, you can be sure it’s state of the art. The UV protection in our lenses stands at a top 100%, whilst our polarized lenses utilize the very best Japanese technology, retaining an incredible 99.9% efficacy, also.

What’s more, we hold the largest replacement lens range for all top brands, so whether it’s Ray-Bans or Armani, Oakley or Carrera, we have lenses that are sure to suit. In the very unlikely event that we don’t, then we also offer bespoke lenses custom-made to your required dimensions.

So, maybe you can’t repair scratched polarized sunglasses, but you can opt for high quality replacement lenses that will have your sunglasses looking good as new in no time. With our huge range, low cost and free shipping, here at Sunglass Fix, we’ve got you covered.

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